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Sunday, December 28, 2008


I have looked at several campgrounds in the Sacramento area because I would like to be able to open out the slides, hook up the hoses & electric, etc., and live in my RV. Nothing seemed 100% right for me until I drove through the campground yesterday at Cal Expo, the state fairgrounds & exposition center. One big difference is the rigs that are parked there - all seem to be in good shape and the areas around them are well taken care of. One drawback is that there is a maximum stay of 30 days, but I think I will move in around Jan 2nd. They have plenty of pull thru sites, full hookups, tv, wi fi, and all the amenities, and it is in a good central location - at least I know I can find my way from there to where I will want to go. I really hope to hear back from some of the letters I've sent about campground jobs, so that would take care of where I will stay next.

I have an appointment with an opthamalogist the 12th, and I hope that if I need surgery they can schedule me pretty quickly, and that the recovery period is short. I will need to be able to hitch up the 5ver and do all the work required to get ready to roll, as well as what is required in a campground job, such as lifting. But in the meantime I have a lot to do and I'm getting pretty antsy to get things accomplished. Tomorrow I will make arrangements for service for the 5ver and I hope I can just take it from the service bay over to the Cal Expo Campground.

My dog Mandy seems better this morning although she still rubs her left eye. We see a vet tomorrow and maybe it will just take some ointment for a few days.

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  1. Gypsy: your journal has a link on the NuWaowners website and I read all your adventures yesterday. Wow! You have a lot of inner strength.
    I saw your entry today about Cal Expo and knew I had seen a discussion about that park on the NuWa site--sure enough, one of the members was host there this fall and must have just left there. If you want you can check out Flcruiser2, Rich and Joan Walter on the NuWa site. Seem like nice people and maybe could give you some insight about Cal Expo.
    My husband and I have been full-timing for 4 years, the last two in our HH Discover America 32.5 which we love. We have been in Indianapolis for the holidays with the grandkids but leave tomorrow for Florida until all threat of cold and ice is past. We'll keep up with your continuing adventures through your journal. Enjoy!

    Dione (DioneandDave on the NuWa site)