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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Down to the Wire!

I wanted to write a few lines - don't know if I will post anything tomorrow evening and I'll have to see how I feel.  Right now I am so stoked I hope I can get to sleep tonight.  I was going to go to the gym with my daughter but she got out of work later than usual - I am always keyed up after working out and figured I'd better not do it tonight!

I'm still feeling very positive.  I've spent a lot of time on the computer today watching Youtube videos which can be very negative.  So I decided to go back to Bob Ross's painting vids, and am getting interested in painting again.  I still doubt that I want to invest in oils which is, of course, what Bob uses.  I have given my granddaughter Autumn several tubes of paint I had on hand, plus lots of small canvasses, and I get a lot of enjoyment just watching her enjoyment.  I'd like to get back to it, but will wait until I get hit by the serious urge to paint.

The evening seems to be dragging - I want to go to bed but it could be a bad idea to go to sleep so early.

I'd like to thank everyone for all the positive comments and good wishes.  I am extremely positive about the treatment as well as the outcome, so I can just say, "Bring it on!"



  1. Good luck tomorrow. I admire your positivity!

  2. Sending lots of positive thoughts for a fantastic outcome. Relax and enjoy your nap time and books. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Going into this treatment with a positive attitude puts you on solid footing and I'll pray for your success...