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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hangin' in there

I think I may be having some side effects of my 1st treatment, although I'm in no pain and feel pretty good for that matter.  I'm noticing little things, an ache here and there that is gone in a flash, and now and then a strange sensation I can't even put into words.  It stands to reason that a powerful drug will have side effects, but so far I'm very happy with the treatment.  

My kids gathered at son Joe's house today to watch the game, but I'm determined to stay away from crowds or even small groups.  Tomorrow I will have to pick up a prescription for my eye drops, as well as see the chiropractor.  I think when I am at the pharmacy I will ask if they sell masks.  I hate the looks of the things, but I don't know why - something is telling me to protect myself right now. 

I hope all of you who are watching the football game enjoy it as well as the halftime show.  I lost interest in all that years ago - now I think it's a lot of hype and wasted money.  I remember when my grandpa got this grouchy and negative.  I swore back then I would never be like that - but like my grandma who was always cheerful and optimistic.  I guess I have a few of his genes after all!


  1. Yes, please do get some masks. Even after ten years, Gary still wears his on occasions like "flu season" and "grocery store sneezes". The thin, blue ones that cost about 25 cents each are not long lasting. They told him in the hospital that they are "20-minute masks". 3M makes sturdier ones that cost about a dollar each, but can be used many times.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Thanks, I am going to stop by the grocery to pick up a prescription and I'll look for some. I think I can get by with the cheap ones for now since I avoid most social situations and going out of my house. I will be finished with my treatments at the end of February and I hope I can put this all behind me for a few years.

    1. Also, I don't have a clue what the ingredients are - I just know they add benadryl to the mix and I hate taking benadryl. They explained why it is so helpful, but my memory loss is working pretty well and I don't recall - if I need it I'll take it, but I still feel the effects of the benadryl from Friday - 3 days ago!