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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Getting things done

I was up early this morning and decided the first thing to do was to clean the front storm door.  I won't be sure until the sun pours in later today if I got all the streaks and smears, but at least I took the first step - something I haven't done in a long time!

I have since been attacking all the cobwebs.  I never minded the spiders' webs too much because I figure they are harmless to me and they trap other bugs I don't want in my house.   I can't believe how long I must have ignored them in every room in the house, and I am still finding them and getting them down.     I thought about getting a cleaning service to come in for a one-time clean, but I'd have to go over the house myself before I'd even let a cleaning service see how I've let things go!

"It" came back in the middle of the night sometime after midnight, and tried furiously to break down the barrier Steve & Liam put up.  I was out there first thing this morning to find it intact.  Jeannie stopped by on her way to work and told me there was a feral cat in my front yard.  Do I feel the least bit sorry for it?  Not at all, and I hope it will now go somewhere else.  Sorry to the cat lovers out there, but it (they) has bothered me long enough and needs to find a different place to spend the night.  I'm also going to go out before dark and sprinkle cayenne & black pepper in front of the blockade!

I told Jeannie I might go to the gym with her when she gets off work, although she usually gets there too late for me to feel like doing anything.  I can only hope I'll get some energy back during the coming weeks.



  1. I prefer a cat to a dog as a pet. However, I do not want feral/stray cats under my home or any other critter for that matter. I don't want them under there tearing up stuff, nor do I want anybody who has to do repairs to have to crawl through the litter box strays create under there.

    1. I've always loved big dogs and was just never around cats, although I will say that Ara's cat " Banjo" ia a very lovable cat. I can tolerate him, but would never ever have a cat myself. Whether I'm now dealing with a cat or something else, it is invading my space and no, I don't want a litter of anything under my house.

  2. I too have put off removing the cobwebs since they do a good job of capturing the mosquitos during the summer. I am suprised a feral cat would want to go under your house unless she is pregnant and wants to nest, but why at night? Hope you can get rid of whatever is invading your property.