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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Times puzzle!

On Sundays Jeannie and I have always liked to get together and work the NY Times crossword.  It's always difficult but a real brain challenger.  I spent a few hours there this morning.

I must have worked my brain a little harder than usual because I dozed off in my chair when I got home and darn near fell out of it.  I sure awoke with a start!

I had a very good night's sleep last night so I have nothing to complain about.   I do think the treatments make me a little more tired, but I'd rather try to not nap so I can get better sleep at night.  Not easy to do!

I check every day and the barrier Steve put up so that the larger animal can't get back under the house seems to be working.   I can still hear a slight noise now and then but it's no doubt a very small rodent, and there probably isn't any way to keep them out.

Tomorrow starts the new week, and I'm getting older by the minute!  Hey world, slow down a bit!


  1. I was just reading how working on crossword puzzles can boost an individuals cognitive abilities.

    Glad that whatever was making all the ruckus under your house is gone.

  2. I love crosswords because I love words and their meanings. I feel like I won't get dementia as long as I do the puzzles, but I think that might not be accurate.

    I am so glad the big guys can't get in there. I hear a tiny scratching once in a while that is probably a mouse or some type of rodent.

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