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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The days roll on!

My daughter-in-law Meg brought granddaughter Quinn over yesterday morning for a visit.  She has been doing that about every other week for a while and I just love it.   She always stops at a bakery and brings donuts or pastries, and you'd think I never had them before the way I pig out!  

Quinn is such a darling little girl and is really easy to have around.  She doesn't constantly get into things, but she is curious and likes to explore just a bit.  She took a great interest in my fridge yesterday - the photos, and especially the magnets.   It's so much fun to see her grow and every two weeks or so she is doing something new.  It is a wonderful break in my day, especially now since I'm not getting out with people as much as I'd like.

Speaking of getting out, I'm already planning what to do about a week from my final treatment this Friday - I'd say in about a week I should be able to enjoy a beer or two.  I'll make sure before I do that it is ok, and would like to take my kids to the craft brewery near here.    I've just been too quiet lately and it's driving me crazy!

Have a good day, as I'm going to try to do!



  1. Any one with the name "Gypsy" has to keep on the go, right?

    1. I sure would like to be, but this old Gypsy has reached the point where she should just stay in her gypsy wagon and rest1 Dang, growing old is a pain.