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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wilted by 9:30am!

I thought I'd start this post a little early today as it's too hot already to do anything but sit!  It was already 80 degrees by 9am, very unusual for Sacramento.   I never get in water but if I had a pool I think I'd be in it all day today!

I thought I would start hemming a dress this morning and I'm glad no one saw me trying to thread a needle.  I got to the 4th needle in the pack before finding one large enough that I was finally able to get the thread through the eye.  My heart sank when I thought of how many needles I am going to have to thread before I finish the 3 dresses.   Don't ask me why I'm doing this - I don't even like wearing dresses, much less long ones, and don't have a clue where I'll even wear them.

Jeannie and I made a trip to Michael's yesterday to find a frame I needed for one of the photos on my wall, and 3 frames for her girls latest school pictures.  We stopped at a brew pub and had a delicious lager plus we split an appetizer.  The heat really affects my appetite so that was enough for me.  We finally got all the photos hung and I enjoy looking at them every time I go into my bedroom.  They bring me such joy and I'm so happy to finally have them where I can see them often.   Jeannie is a perfectionist (as I used to be), and was constantly worried that they weren't hung evenly; I thought they were perfect long before she finished.  I kept telling her "my house is not level and neither is my vision, so don't worry!"  I love that girl and always love spending time with her. 

Steve and Donald both came back with their kids from camping, arriving in late afternoon.  Joe and another friend plus their kids stayed an additional night.   There was snow on the ground and the lake was way too cold to swim in but the temperature was warm enough they were all wearing shorts.  Donald and his girls shared a tent but Donald is so tall and had to sleep scrunched up - I'm sure he enjoyed being back in his own bed last night.  Joe and his girls "cowboy camped".  They spread some pine needles, laid a tarp on top, then their sleeping bags, and went to sleep looking at the stars.  I think I've done that once, maybe twice, but always preferred being in my tent.   I might try it again if I do any camping this summer. 

I just looked at the temps in NY and in Wisconsin (where my brother lives)  and they both are having stellar weather - much cooler than here but maybe cloudy with some rain.  I would welcome rain right now.  Wasilla in Alaska will get to 60 today, which couldn't be more perfect in my opinion!  Summer has come on to Sacramento with a vengeance!

Take care, stay comfortable, happy Father's Day to all you dads out there, and have a good week ahead.



  1. Nice time spent with Jeannie and now your pictures are hung. Sounds like the camping trip was fun.
    Today was 110 here.

    1. It looks like we got up to about 105 but it will be hotter as the week goes on. I hate to think of several months of this heat!

      I had a great two days being with my daughter and got a lot accomplished. Today I stayed home and hemmed all 3 dresses. I'm beat now but it's good to know I can still do some things I used to do.

  2. Now that is HOT! Could you go somewhere else just for June, July and August? I'd be dreaming of a little camper in the forest at the closest cool elevation in California. Congrats on all that hemming. I had to hem every pair of slacks I ever bought and got so sick of it.

    1. I'm past wanting to go anywhere for that long a time, especially by myself. Im glad to be finished with the hemming, and look forward to trying the dresses on to see if I got them short enough. I'll scream or cry if any are still long!