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Sunday, June 25, 2017


I haven't been able to figure out why I'm almost comatose today.  I just want to sleep the day away.  It dawned on me that I have been nibbling pieces of Donald's cake trimmings every time I go into the kitchen, and I think the effects of the sugar are getting to me.   I've really cut way back on sugar the past month or two - not completely quit, but use much less of it.  It's an addiction that is coming back pretty fast.

Today has been relatively comfortable, reaching 90 at the hottest point in the afternoon.  I would rather shave another 10 or 20 degrees off that number, but it is summer and I don't think we've hit the mini ice-age yet.

I'm often tempted to get TV service again.  On evenings like this I could kick back and watch a program like "Ancient Aliens" or something like it.  But I would eventually scroll through the channels and run past the idiotic news channels saying the same thing over and over, maybe from a slightly different perspective, but they are really all alike.  No thanks, I don't even want to be tempted.

I know I've talked about getting an antenna of my own for local channels, but the only thing I would like about them is the weather - the news feeds just come from the networks.  Plus I am technologically challenged (and purposely want to stay that way), so no explanation of how easy it is to hook up, install, watch, etc. will make me want to be bothered with it.  Sometimes ya just can't please a woman! 


  1. It's interesting, your reaction to sugar if you are almost comatose. It has the opposite effect on me. When I'm so tired I can hardly move or after dinner want to do one of those post food naps, all I have to do is have some sugar and I'm back in the game. That's why it is so difficult for me to quit. It's such a pick me up for me and I don't crash later.

    1. Yes, sugar gives me an immediate high, but it doesn't last long and then I crash!

  2. I wish I lived near a large metropolitan area so I could get the free over the air channels instead of having to pay a cable or satellite company for the privilege.

    1. Living in Cincinnati for many years of my life, we just turned on the TV and got three channels for the major networks, plus PBS, Coming to CA in the 1980's we had to subscribe to cable TV to get a decent picture and sound. Now if I turn on my TV I get nothing but "snow" unless I buy service from a cable co. I could set up an antenna system, but don't know to what extent or how elaborate it would need to be. I would do it if it only involved an indoor antenna, but I don't know if I could even put something on my roof - there is probably a law against it so as not to encroach on the high prices charged by cable companies to install their antennas, in addition to the monthly service fees.

      Back when my kids were young I constantly told them "don't try to fight the system" as they were always trying to get around the rules and roadblocks. My words have come back to haunt me!