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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Celebrating a birthday!

Yesterday was my granddaughter Arianna's 8th birthday.  This morning I drove over to their house, and Jeannie took over the driving duties in my car to take us to the mall.  Note:  I could easily drive the kids in an emergency or a tough situation, but I prefer not to do that anymore unless it is necessary.  I would never forgive myself if one of the kids was harmed while I was driving.

Arianna (and her sister Autumn) are both voracious readers so I knew we would be going to Barnes & Noble.  It took her a while to decide but she ended up with 4 books.  It would have just been too difficult to narrow it down in the time we wanted to spend there.  Armed with the books we drove across the lot from B&N to Chipotle where we had an excellent lunch.  That is about the only place I enjoy eating out because their food is of the highest quality, all organic and no additives.

I think we then went to Target (still in the same center); I wanted to go to the mall across the street to have a new battery put into my watch at the Sears Watch Dept., but we didn't want to fight the traffic, so we decided to go to Costco.  I still need to get a watch battery but it can wait until next week.

I had gotten up at 7am this morning, made a quick trip to the farmers' market, and then to Jeannie's, so when I finally got home I turned on the swamp cooler and hit the couch for a quick nap.  I'm so glad I went to the market because I found out there is only one more week for cherries.  I bought a pound for myself and one for Jeannie's family which I will do again next week.  I love cherries and there is nothing like knowing they have just been picked and aren't all sanitized and boxed up. 

Donald was working on a cake while we were gone.  He often has to trim places on the rounds if he is doing something special (I saw some pictures of a cake he made for Jeannie's boss who retired and loves to go on cruises.  The case was decorated like a cruise ship!)  So i brought home a bag of cake pieces he trimmed off and if I don't suffer from a sugar overdose I won't understand why.    He offered me some frosting to go with the cake pieces, but I declined - that would probably put me in a coma.  Just kidding - I might have melted with happiness at the very taste of it!

I had a wonderful day and it is so nice to have someone else do the driving.   I hope you are all staying comfortable if you are in a hot area - I think our coming week will be in the 90's which is more warm than I like it, but much better than triple digits!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Having the lower temps makes
    everything a lot easier.
    Next year I'm going to try and have less plants in pots to water.
    Some of them I have to water daily. In hot days it's a chore.
    Guess I'm a tad lazy! Lol

    1. It's always a great day for me when I spend time with any of my kids or grandkids, and a birthday is extra special.
      I recently bought a potted plant that I need to break apart and put in smaller pots, but it's been a long time since I fooled with that stuff and I really don't know where to begin. I saw a really gorgeous small plant at the farmers' market this morning that I wanted (and hope they have next week). I knew I wouldn't be home for a big part of the day so I skipped the plants. I also need to repot some aloe plants that are descendants of one my grandma gave me way back in the 1970's. I love those plants.

  2. Really does sound like a wonderful day. I sure hope my granddaughter grows up to be like Arianna and thinks four books is a great birthday present. I know I would have been ecstatic. I was lucky to get one. Also hope a picture of the cake is coming. Donald is amazing!

    1. I would hate to think how long it would have taken her to narrow it down to one book! I stopped by today for a couple of minutes to drop something off and she told me she had read all four of them. I told her next birthday I'm not buying her any "easy" books! She is getting nothing but hard ones with lots of big words from now on!

      Speaking of big words, Autumn showed me a book she was reading which had a caption under the title saying it was the "penultimate" something-or-other. So I told her that penultimate means the "second to last", so it would be the second to last book or whatever. I told her that my first boss loved that word and used it whenever the situation fit, and I came right out and asked him what it meant. I think he enjoyed telling me. So Autumn went to school and told her teacher that I said penultimate is second-last, and the teacher replied that she had no idea of its meaning either. Where is curiosity these days? With things being so easy to look up on smart phones there isn't any excuse for most people to not look something up.

  3. Happy belated birthday to Arianna! It is refreshing to hear that an 8 year old is a boracious reader. I bet you enjoyed those pieces of trimmed cake, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    I had to smile when I read your comment to Sherry on "penultimate". For some reason Latin soap operas make a big deal about "penúltimo" and "último capitulo" so being the foreign soap opera fan that I am, I actually knew the word and did not have to look it up.

    1. Well I'm glad to hear that someone knows the meaning of that word! I used to know a little bit of Spanish and would recognize "ultimo" so if I heard "penultimo" I think I would have automatically known it. I have never been a TV watcher, but sometime in the 1990's I got hooked on a telenovela "Mari Elena". I was glad when it finally ended and I never got hooked on another one again, in any language!

      When I spent 5 weeks in Korea I would turn on the TV when I got back to my hotel room - of course everything was in Korean and I don't know what I expected to understand. But immediately I recognized a Korean soap and was actually able to follow the story line although I couldn't understand a word of Korean!