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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Attachment to a fish!

I've never had a pet fish.  My younger brothers and sisters brought a goldfish home once in a while after "winning" it at a local festival.  Within two days my Mom would announce "Well, the fish died" and that was the end of it.  I think the kids always knew that meant she flushed it down the toilet, and I don't blame her for that because what kid ever takes complete care, feeding, and cleaning up after any pet.  Evidently other mothers in the Cincinnati area did the same thing because I heard stories of the Ohio River having giant goldfish who had survived the trip through the system!  Of course there was no way to verify it because no self-respecting mother would have admitted to flushing a little fish.

My granddaughters had a very small fish in a large bowl which they found on the bottom of the bowl last night.  It hadn't been acting very well lately, so it was a fact that the fish had died.  Do you think my granddaughters would let their mom or dad flush the remains down the toilet?  Perish the thought!  When I left their house Jeannie & the girls were digging a hole in the yard and intend to bury the fish, although some animal will probably dig it up in the near future, and enjoy a fish dinner.

I'm more like my Mom in that respect - I would have just flushed the thing when it was acting sickly.

We were going to make a trip to Target but were delayed by the fish drama, so I came on home to fix my supper.  I probably saved myself some money by not going, although the list of things I need from Costco is growing at a rapid pace. 

This has been an absolutely gorgeous day to me.  At 4pm it is about 66 degrees, and might rise a point or two.  I'm loving it while it lasts because the rest of the summer doesn't look so good. 

Here's to a good week ahead!


  1. Hi Gypsy
    I'm a down the toilet mom too.

    1. I had a good laugh at your description! I never had to do the deed myself because my Mom always did it, and I don't think I ever let my kids bring a goldfish into the house.

  2. Hi, Gypsy.
    Probably easier for Jeannie to cope with the burial, than the horror of flushing him. She gets points with her daughters. Very important.
    Speaking of a fish.... During my early years of teaching, I had a 10 gallon aquarium in my classroom. Mostly we had guppies. I remember one day, as the kids lined up for lunch, I happened to see that the "mama" was having her babies! Oh, my. I took the class to the lunch room, and hurried back. Babies have to be separated from mama or she will eat them! So I spent the period fishing for little ones and putting them in a separate tank. All 50 odd of them. A long time later, all of the fish had been given away, or otherwise departed. Only mama was left. She came with a problem. Could not swim normally. Floated on her side. Gypsy, I think that fish survived for many days in that state. Apparently she was able to eat enough to sustain life. I don't remember what happened to her. Over the years, though, when questions have come up about "hanging in there", I remember how that little guppy kept on keeping on. I know. She was "just a fish", but she was no quitter!

    1. Every creature is beautiful in its own way and has it wonderful aspects. Thanks for the account of the guppies, and thanks to you the babies were able to grow and thrive. I also think we don't realize that every animal has a personality of its own.

  3. Good for Jeannie, teaching the girls to respect all living things, and well then the not living.

    1. The girls were crying and were adamant they didn't want to flush the fish down. They really didn't want to do anything but leave it where it was, in the bottom of the bowl. Jeannie has mellowed with these two girls; I would have said "Just deal with it!" I'm not heartless, but kids don't want to listen to reason sometimes.