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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Target, etc.

The day has been a little overcast at times, but it's 65 degrees so I won't complain.  I went to get a few birthday cards at Target, and also dropped by the library where I checked out four books on quilting.  Target could have been a disaster.  I was parking the shopping cart and ready to carry my purchases out with me when I heard someone calling "Ma'am".  It was the cashier running to give me my wallet, which I left on the counter.  

I came home to eat a bowl of the soup I made yesterday, and packed about 4 big servings away in the freezer.  I'll have to say it's pretty good, but if I continue a daily diet of it I will quickly get tired of it.

I am so frustrated with the state of my house.  I clean it up and in two days everything is covered with paper - mail, magazines, things I want to save, etc.  The mail is pretty easy to dispose of, but there is always something I save.  No, the "neat" contraption that scans and saves copies is not for me, and thinking about it makes my head spin.  I would love to have room for a nice file cabinet or two, and place items in manila folders in the old fashioned way.  

I had a great system going when I lived in Asheville, and have never duplicated it.  When a folder began to get full I would go through it to see if I could throw something out.  Worked fine and I could put my hand on anything in a matter of a minute or so.  I miss my Asheville house to this day.  For some reason it rarely looked messy, crowded, or dusty.  I will always miss it.

NOTE:  Since I published the blog today I found a plastic tub that I used for filing my important papers when I moved into my 5th wheel.  I cleaned it up and will do my best to gather all the paperwork in every room and either figure out a folder to file it in or to shred it!

I'm hoping to go to the gym this evening.  I'm walking on the days I don't work out and hope I can keep it up and increase the mileage.  My arms and shoulders are looking good (and muscular).  (Note:  I'm fixin' to challenge Billy Bob to an arm rasslin' contest!)

What I would like to do is walk along the American River and carry a full backpack while I'm walking, just to get in shape - in case the opportunity ever comes up to hit the trail.


  1. It's was rally nice of the cashier to come after you that was a bit of good luck.

    It's amazing what we can find around the house to give new life too like your container to store paper work in.

  2. The opportunity will never come up on its own, you have to make it happen.

  3. When I was in Vegas recently I got money out of an ATM on the casino floor where I was staying, then went to the other end of the strip. A couple of hours later I realized I didn't have my debit card, and knew I had lost it back at the previous casino. When I got back, just as a futle attempt before going to my room and logging in and transferring all my money out of that account, I went to a security agent and asked if anyone had turned it in. They had, and security got my card back to me. I was amazed.

  4. Whew about the wallet. That can be a disaster for sure. What a nice person from Target to run after you. Ups that store in my opinion. I have that clutter problem too. Everything is cleaned up and then in a day there is clutter on every surface. I can't keep up with it.

  5. I have seen so many people leaving their wallets or billfolds at HEB and the tellers running after them. I guess that is why I have such a high opinion of them and also of the people that turn things in...like when my mother used to drive and would carry her cane just in case her leg failed. That cane was turned in so many times after my mother forgot about it in her buggy.

    As far as that arm wresting match with Billy Bob...my money is on you!

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