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Monday, January 19, 2015

A "Day down the Drain" !

I have had no energy to do anything today, and it was sheer determination that made me go walk the treadmill this afternoon.  When I came home I took an Advil and crawled into bed fully clothed (including lightweight jacket) - about 2 pm.  I just woke up 2 and a half hours later!  I must have needed it, but at my age I sure hate to waste even part of a day like that.

I had dinner courtesy of Donald last night, and enjoyed talking to Martha (his Mom) who is back from San Antonio where she has been since just after Christmas, for her brother in law's funeral and then visiting with her sisters and going back to old haunts in the area.   She looks great and the girls are very glad to see her back.  After raising two sons of her own, I think having two little granddaughters is a delight to her.

While there I used Jeannie's blood pressure monitor because I have felt like my bp was back to normal, although I couldn't say why.  Well, it was absolutely back to normal at somewhere around 117/68 (or somewhere very close to those numbers).  I sure don't know what caused my recent aberration in bp, but I'm happy it's ok again and I don't have to worry about it.  To this day I cannot figure out why it went up to the levels it did for 2 or 3 days. 

This morning I laid out some of the pieces of my quilt design and I 'm not very happy with it.  Maybe there are too many different prints & colors, but this is a patchwork quilt design after all, or maybe it's just the pattern of the design.  I think I do better with more specific instructions rather than trying to wing it on my own.  The only area where I do great with making it up as I go along is in cooking, (but I don't cook much any more).

Although I've seen no rain the streets have remained wet.  Both last night and this morning it seemed like I could feel the mist in the air - I guess from the fog.  I used to love the fog but now I'm just looking forward to a warm sunny day!


  1. You wouldn't have slept like that if you didn't need the rest. I hate to fall asleep in the middle of the day, because when I wake up, I feel lousy the rest of the day.

  2. Some times we just need a good nap, but I understand not liking to waste a good day.
    Quilts are always full of color and patterns, Like everything else we get over the hump of something new and then fly with it. Have fun with the quilting

  3. If your quilt looks too busy try adding some solid color blocks or strips. I always prefer to follow my own designs, but I like to make simple quilts that I can use daily. Just go for it, and make it your own! Becki

    1. Yes, Becki and John, that is what I was going to suggest. Sometimes too much pattern is just...well...too much.
      Happy Trails, Penny.

  4. Your body was telling you it needed it. I guess today was a day for napping because I took me a three hour nap :)

  5. A little power nap should make you feel better, but that was a long nap!!
    Have you had your thyroid checked? Being tired and cold are symptoms.
    Happy Trails, Penny.

  6. I know what you mean about naps and hating to waste time. Were you able to sleep that night? I always have trouble at night if I nap and then it becomes a vicious circle. Dinner with Donald - YUM!!

  7. Often some level of stress will keep BP up for awhile. Glad it is back down:)