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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's a great life!

I'm feeling on top of the world today, no doubt from last night's gym workout and this morning's treadmill walk.  I set the treadmill for "rolling hills" - it doesn't actually roll but the resistance makes it feel like rolling.  My legs hurt a bit, but "no pain, no gain" as they say.   

Thanks to all who have offered encouragement and suggestions regarding my quilting attempt.  I'm taking a day off from it, and when I finish I will use the leftover fabric and make some quilted pot holders.  Can't really fail on something so simple, right?

The sun is shining today!  Even though it's only in the mid-50's the sun is so warming and changes everything.  I don't think we had any fog last night and I could see the major stars in the south-southeast sky before going to bed.  The next two mornings the fog will be back but it will be sunny in the afternoon.  I think I can live with that!

I've been sitting here looking at the computer and supper time has snuck up on me!


  1. Isn't it amazing how the sun can make even a chilly day seem so wonderful? Your work out had plenty to do with it from the sounds of it.

  2. Are those pot holders going to be used or are they for looks? Why I ask, if they are to be used, cotton battings will provide more insulating qualities; also, if you sit a really hot pan on pot holders with polyester batting they can get kind of melty and brittle.

  3. There are some great quilting help video's on YouTube.

  4. I just love the times when life seems so wonderful! Savor them all you can. I'm glad to hear you are liking your treadmill. Exercise seems to be your thing. Soon you'll be out hiking those trails again.

  5. there is a special batting you can buy at Joanns for pot holders I got some last summer when I made my crowded potholders not very expensive