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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dead battery!

I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning waiting for AAA to show up and jump start my car.  I went out bright and early to drive to the farmers' market when I discovered the battery was dead.  After the jump I will immediately drive to Les Schwab and buy a new battery.  My regular mechanic is closed on Saturday, but I have always liked the service at Les Schwab, and it isn't far from my house.

Things happen to mess up your plans, and you just have to accept them and go with the flow.  I sure didn't want to spend my Saturday chasing a new battery!
 Jeannie and I did some shopping yesterday - Costco, Target, etc.  I think my purchases at Costco were likely the highest I've ever spent without buying a higher priced item - just under $250!  My fridge and freezer were nearly empty and I needed quite a bit to fill them.  I also got a few snack items, but not nearly as many as I did for the last few months.   The best part about the day was spending it with my daughter!

I must really be feeling better because a week ago I don't think I could have been on my feet walking around stores for such a long day.   I'm amazed at what a good night's sleep I've been getting, and really happy about that.

I'm just back from getting the battery situation resolved.  After thoroughly checking the battery, alternator, and all relevant parts I was told the battery was fine and that I really didn't need to replace it.  It is possible I left something on - I often don't get the door completely closed on the first try because I hate to slam a door.  While I was there I had them replace my windshield wipers which were not working as well as they should.  I am relieved to not have to spend the money on a battery.

One of the things I bought yesterday at Costco is a big bag of tangerines.  I normally don't eat citrus fruits - I used to love oranges and tangerines, but a few years ago they began to give me a bit of upset.  I figured I might eat one or two of this purchase and then give the rest to the grandkids.   I got started and have just finished my 4th one at this sitting!   They are so sweet and just perfect this time of year.  The grandkids may not get any of them after all!


  1. I got a bag of those little oranges at Costco, last year they were great, this not so much and half of them were rotten or getting so, should have returned them, but was only $6 and live 20 miles away and did not want to return to Bend for $6!!! glad yours are GOOD!!

  2. Electrical problems are such a pain:( There are oh so many reasons a good battery can go dead. Sounds like you are feeling a lot better:))

  3. Triple A is wonderful, it keeps me independent as I hate to bother my friends. I do not think I will ever give up my membership there is something to be said for piece of mind.

    Thankfully you did not have to spend the extra cash on a new one. You sure sound chipper, I am glad you are feeling better.

  4. What a break not needing the battery.
    I also spent about that much today, it's tough when you run out of everything.
    Good to hear you are doing much better now.