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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just when you think you're fine

I've been feeling great lately, and gaining a little more energy each day.  Last night I was relaxing in my recliner and decided to take my blood pressure - I really wanted to find out what my resting heart rate was. 

The bp rate was just over the high mark, so I took it again in my other arm - same thing.  I waited for a while and repeated taking my bp several times, and then went to bed.  This morning I drove over to the UCD Med clinic and asked to have my bp taken, thinking my monitor wasn't working correctly.  The results were the same, so I have an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow morning.  Since tonight is gym night I asked the advice nurse if I could still work out, and she will check with my doctor and call me back.  What a bummer this is for me!  Damn, I hate to go back on hydrochlorathiazide.  

I did some internet research and found I am doing all the right things to avoid high blood pressure - weight, eating healthy, no smoking, minimum of one drink a day, exercise, etc.  The only thing on the no-no list that I do is drink coffee in the morning, and I'm not giving that up.  I already mix the coffee beans with 1/3 organic decaf beans, and I'll go up to 1/2 decaf if necessary, but coffee is the best part of my day and I'm not giving it up.

The nurse just called from my doctor's office and he said it was ok for me to go to the gym this evening.  I feel a lot better about that, and just hope this is a temporary blip.  But if I need medication to treat it, then I'm prepared to take medication as long as it's HTC (I know the way it works and the side effects, and a 3-months' supply cost me about 56 cents).

I have been working now and then on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  It's been slow going because I just can't stay at it for long.  Every time I sit down and look at the pieces I spot several that go together, and I could probably finished it in a few days if I could only concentrate on it.

I just went outside to get the mail and made a tour around to the back.  From the hole in the fence I can see that tent guy is still in residence.  Dang, that's a nice big tent, and I don't think he's alone with his dog.  There are two bikes outside the tent, and I thought I saw a flash of pink on one of them.  I could be wrong of course, and I felt silly looking through the hole in the fence.  I don't think anyone could see me from that far away, but I hate to be so obviously nosy.  

I can't imagine anyone getting away with camping there for very long - for one thing I wonder what he's using for bathroom facilities.  It also makes me wonder who else is camping along that trail.  I walked Lady back there every day, going in one direction in the morning and the other in the afternoon, and often saw remnants from someone's camp, but they always tore it down during the day.  Without a dog I'm a little hesitant to walk back there, though a lot of people, some with their families, ride their bikes there.  It's nice to have a bit of a mystery in my surroundings, and I'll keep you posted.   I'm pulling for tent guy, just so you know!


  1. It may be better to just observe from a distance.

  2. I sure would not give up my coffee, I have cut back quite a bit and that's all I'm going to do. I don't have high blood pressure. Having a tent so close the the walking and biking path is strange you would think they wouldn't want to be so close to where they ca be spotted. I really don't want to think about the bathroom issue

  3. I sure hope the blood pressure isn't anything. Is your cholesterol high too? What a saga....it's like waiting for the next episode of "The Tenters". The bathroom thing would give me pause too.

  4. Sorry to hear about the blood pressure issue but at least you became aware of it and can do something about it.

    With regards to the tenters bathroom issue...there are so many things these days to keep it sanitary and odor free. The first thing that comes to mind from what people use in Terlingua is the Humanure toilet. Basically a five gallon bucket with a snap on plastic toilet seat. The inside can be lined with a plastic trash bag and you can use peat moss, pine shavings, sawdust or leaves and there is little to no odor.

    You mention that they have bikes so they can take said bag when its full and dispose of it in a garbage can. In Terlingua it goes in a compost bin and cooks for a year before you can safely use it as fertilizer in your garden.

    Or they could use double doodie bags ( I think that is what they are called). They are a little more expensive but they are made of a very heavy plastic and come with a powder that turns liquids into gel. One bag goes into the other to prevent leakage and odor and they are safe to be placed in the trash as well.

  5. I work on the assumption that coffee is good for me:)