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Friday, January 16, 2015

Not so bad!

The news from the doctor this morning wasn't so bad.  Evidently it's not unusual to have higher blood pressure at my age, but it isn't at a critical stage and doesn't require treatment or meds.  He told me what the ob-gyn told me earlier this month, that the HRT I'm taking raises my risk for a number of diseases.  I'm already at the lowest dosage, but if they will let me cut that low dose in half and wean off it rather than all at once, I will try to do it.  Those meds have contributed more to my feeling of well being for the last 20+ years than anything I've ever taken, so of course they want me off of them!  Can't have old ladies feeling too good, ya know.  Actually I trust both the doctors, whereas I would just blow it off if the advice came from any other doctors who told me the same thing.  It's ironic that a doctor can stand in front of you and tell you to stop taking something that has been wonderful for you, and to start taking a drug such as Lipitor (which caused me a lot of pain and anguish during the 6 wks I took it).

I decided I'm not going to worry about my blood pressure.  I feel great, love my weight, am getting stronger and more fit every day, so if I'm dying it's not a helluva bad way to go!

I drove out to pick up a few more supplies from Jo-Ann's and when I came back I checked the hole in the fence.  I saw a man securing large items that were all wrapped up to his bicycle, and it is probably tent guy ready to move on.  I didn't see the dog, but since he was so close to where I was looking through the fence I decided I'd check it out when he's gone.  I hope he's leaving of his own accord rather than being told to move on, and I hope he finds a safe and unobtrusive campsite along the way.

I almost forgot!!! The elliptical was delivered today.  The box was HEAVY, and it wasn't easy bringing it into the house.  I opened it up and set the pieces next to the box - assembling this baby is not something I am going to try to do.  The next of my kids who walks in the door gets the job.  (And if they read the blog I might not get any company for a long time :)  I can't imagine how portable this device can be as I can't see myself carrying it out of the car and into a motel room along my way to NY, then schlepping it back into the car.  Actually, it would sure build up my biceps if I did that.  I don't have anything but a 7# limit food scale, so I can't weigh it just yet.

Click on photo to enlarge it.

I will post a picture of it when it has been assembled, and you probably won't recognize it as the same thing.  It also came with a CD so I suppose there are many ways to exercise with it.

The weather has been cloudy all day and in the mid-50's.  I don't feel very warm in those temps unless the sun is shining. The fog starts to roll in during early evening, and by the time I go to bed everything looks surreal in the fog.

That is about it for my day, so far.  How can it be a weekend already when I'm not yet done with the week!


  1. I bet that machine weighs plenty if it is made of steel and I'm sure it is
    The weeks are flying by way to fast . Glad the Dr. gave you a good report

  2. I thought I read it weighed 28 lbs. I'm anxious to see how you like it. I started to order it but didn't. I'll probably regret it.

  3. Doctors often get a commission for prescribing certain drugs. So, I wouldn't trust switching for no apparent reason either. It sounds like you're getting plenty of exercise, and taking care of yourself. Being responsible for your own health and using the doctor to assist you is the right way to go.

  4. Glad to hear that your blood pressure does not require treatment with medication. It seems to me like you are fit, eat a balance diet and get a good night's rest.

    I could not help but think of "tent guy" when I read that there is a large population of homeless people in the Los Angeles area and they were looking for volunteers to help count them. They were doing this so they can get a handle on how many there are and the main focus was to help them get off the streets.

    Of course they interviewed a homeless man who said this was nothing new as population counts had already been taken under prior mayors. I realize LA is a long ways from where tent guy is but maybe he traveled there on his bike? I hope all goes well for him in his next location.

  5. I think if you listen to your body carefully, it will tell you when there are problems. if you feel crummy, something Is wrong and vice versa. Things sound good with you.

  6. I have gotten to the point that I really dislike having to assemble things I buy. Hope it goes together easily:)