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Sunday, January 11, 2015

In a "buying" mood!

I seem to be spending a lot of money lately, both on healthy food, snacks  (healthy and unhealthy), as well as new walking shoes, etc.  I needed the shoes and went back to Fleet Feet where I always get a good pair although expensive.  I messed up my feet with all the backpacking I used to do (under too heavy of a pack), so I have to pay dearly for footwear that fits well and feels good.

I've been wanting a simple pedometer, not one of the $100 wristbands that does 50 different things - just something to tell me how far I've walked.  I found such a pedometer online for only $10 - the price should tell me something, shouldn't it.  It arrived in the mail, and I'm going to ask Donald to set it for me this afternoon.  We'll all be going to the gym at around 3 pm, and I hope to start out the new week walking every day and knowing how far I've walked.  My Blue Cross plan offers a pedometer for free, but for some reason I could never get the darn thing to work.  I hope this $10 one is a little better.

Then, something I know better than to do, is scroll the TV past the QVC station.  I happened to see a pitch for an "In-Motion Elliptical", a portable device that allows you to walk in place, plus has a feature for pulling on two handles as you "walk", exercising your arms and shoulder muscles.   It also has other features which I will soon be able to try out, because I ordered the thing!  I actually started to order it, then decided against spending the money and cancelled the order, and then had 2nd thoughts about 10 minutes later and actually went through with submitting the order.  I can't wait to get it and try it out.  

I have a good reason for buying a machine that duplicates what I can do at the gym.  This is a little over $100, plus shipping & handling, of course, and I chose the 5 EZ payments.  I can return it within a month if I choose.  I've been thinking about when I'm traveling in April - no gym workouts for several months (I will put the membership on hold so as to save the monthly fee, which will easily pay for the Elliptical.) as well as that long drive where I'll be sitting all day.  I can take this small exerciser into a motel room and get my workout.  I stop early in the day, so I might put the spare time to good use.  On the days when I find a camping spot (weather permitting) I can find a place to walk, but for the other times, and at Mike's house in NY, I hope to get good use of the machine.  My arm and leg muscles are getting in too good a shape to let them turn to flab while I travel.

Now I need to stay home and keep the TV off so I don't spend any more money.   I don't often buy things online, but this month I've shot a big hole in that practice!


  1. I too looked at the fancy wrist pedometers.. I just want simple too.It's good to get onboard to healthy, there isn't anyone that can do it for us...lol! This summer I read a few blogs about people hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I may have told you that already. My husband is reading the book Wild that they have made a movie out of. She hiked the trail too but didn't start at the CA/Mex border like most... I signed up for a Zumba class. It will be two days a week. I had to start somewhere. You are way ahead of me in the exercise Department. I look forward to your thoughts on your order.

  2. My wife has been doing business (buying stuff) with QVC for many years and she loves it. BTW, my wife has started a new quilt today. She has to be doing something all the time.

  3. Better slow down, Gypsy, or you'll spend all the kids' inheritance! ;) Whoopee!

  4. Hope your pedometer works for you. I love mine but it wasn't that inexpensive. If yours turns out well maybe I'll get a back up just in case. Looking forward to seeing this elliptical and how it works. We need something on the road to replace the heavy weights we are carrying around.

  5. QVC can get you in trouble fast :(

    I recall when they first started out and being the insomniac that I am, I would stay up all night watching it and spending money. After the shock of seeing my first credit card statement with my "buys" I returned everything and banned myself from watching it.

    Looking forward to hearing about the elliptical.

  6. That Elliptical sounds interesting. I hope you'll post a photo when you get it!

  7. I have never watched those shopping channels, but just like browsing online stores, clicking on those channels can be expensive:)

  8. Be sure and show us later ....Got Pics. I'm in terrible condition, can use all the help I can get. I admire you, Gypsy. Happy, spunky and determined.

  9. Do you have a link for the elliptical machine you bought?