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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting better!

The weather, that is.  My desktop weather thingy predicted 58 for a high today, and at almost 5 pm it's already up to 66!   I'm certainly okay with that, although my house is cold enough that I've had my little electric heater in front of me for a big part of the day.

I'm working out tonight, and will stop at Jeannie's first to try out the torture machine again.  I'll probably have to kick the kids off of it first!

Yesterday I went over to American River Brewing Company to pick up 6 bottles of the Golden Ale.  The tasting room is only open Wed. thru Fri. from 4 to 7pm.  I had a glass while I was there, and also tasted a sample of their Hefeweisen.   Of all the times I've gone to Germany I never once tried it - it's okay, but I would only want it once in a while.  Maybe next time I go with my kids I will have a full glass.  The staff and customers are all so friendly, and it's a nice diversion for me once in a while.

If I ever have the choice again for floor coverings I think I would choose carpet.  The laminate is pretty, but the dust is incredibly noticeable!  I dust mop it every day but when the afternoon sun shines in it really shows how much accumulates.  I don't know where it all comes from, and I'm constantly picking up bits of dust and lint.  I've thought about getting a larger area rug, but there are many more things I need more than a rug.

I fixed tuna salad for lunch and it was super delicious - now I'm having super serious indigestion.  I don't take Ranitidine every day but I suppose I should.  I'm trying to get off all prescription meds as well as anything that gives me side effects.  I take an 83mg aspirin about 3 times a week now, and you can sure tell when I take it - bruises all over my hands and arms.  I'm sick of it and one of these days I'm going to throw all the aspirin in the trash.

Quit griping, Marty, and get ready to go have fun at the gym!


  1. I have been sorry I bought this new carpet for some time now and keep thinking about the laminate but then when it's cold and I step on the kitchen or bathroom floors I know I would be very unhappy. Just that they brought the wrong color carpet and like a fool I let them put it down. Way to light in color and once again I need to shampoo it.
    Have at the gym.

  2. Carpet collects all kinds of bad stuff, but they are nicer to walk on especially in stocking feet. I have removed a lot of carpet from my home but still have some in a couple of rooms.

  3. Hmm...sounds like you've become a member of the dust police! Better not visit me! ;)

  4. I know lots of people hate carpet for all the things it harbors but I love its soft warm feel. I find it easier to vacuum than to dust floors.

  5. After a lifetime of mostly carpet, we now have laminate wood floors, and I love, love, love them. To achieve the softness of a carpet, I purchased a pair of good quality, fleece-lined slippers from L.L. Bean. The inside is just like a plush carpet, so my feet are completely happy. Guess I will need to look for fleece-lined flip flops for the summer! ;->

  6. How fortunate to be near a beer brewing company. I would like to sample some that I would not go out of my way to buy in case I did not like them and that sounds like a great opportunity to do so.

    Del Rio has the oldest winery in the state of Texas but I have never paid them a visit. I like wine but I prefer beer :-)