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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tricks and treats

I was ready to throw out an empty Kleenex box but let Rocky take it into his crate.  He is tearing it to bits but the cleanup is worth the peace and quiet for a few minutes.

I've been trying to think of small actions or "tricks" to add to the routine - he has the sit, give me your paw, down, etc perfectly now, and this morning I've added  a "turn around" command where he turns a complete circle.  I do it all without a clicker, just plenty of treats.  If anyone has suggestions for simple things he can do for treats, I'd be interested.  I know I'm going to completely mess up the training program I'm already paying for at Petsmart, but a few little things can occupy that mind of his and maybe keep him out of trouble for a short while wouldn't be bad!

I see the eye surgeon tomorrow and I hope I hear some good news.  I don't think I will see as well until I can get new glasses (6 mos. after surgery).   The floaters are driving me nuts and I'm seeing "bugs" everywhere.  

It is so nice to have all the fresh produce that was delivered yesterday.  Four different kinds of fruit on my breakfast cereal was a treat.   I also ordered a container of vegetable salad that is absolutely delicious.  I probably would never go to the trouble to cut all the veggies up, and I'm not sure what kind of dressing they use, but it's not easy to stop eating it.  I should probably make  soup or maybe a saute with the fresh vegetables I bought so that I use them while they are perfectly fresh.

I think the dog walking every day, usually done a few blocks at a time, is causing me to slim down to a point where I don't need to slim down any more.  I was shocked to see my legs when getting dressed this morning - they are to the point where they are too skinny.  Too bad it hasn't worked for the belly!  Isn't that just the way of life though?

My head still hurts where I was cut and I wonder how long it will take to completely heal.  I can't tell if the "knot" has gone down or not - it's probably about the same size. 

 I might try to get a short nap in if Rocky will take one at the same time.  Have a good day!

1/2 Hr. later:  I might as well forget about a nap.  "Someone" is flying very loud, very fast, and weird looking jets in huge circles around overhead, so after about 3 passes I got up to see what is going on.  I don't like it one bit!  The are faster and louder than any jets I've ever seen, and they look weird.  If they want to test something new, they could be out over the Pacific ocean within minutes at the rate they are going.  Matter of fact they are flying in from the west and probably going in a big arc out over the ocean.  I think they have no business making the terribly loud noises unless it's to intimidate!

I just googled it and found that it is a B-17 that is in town for the Capital Airshow this coming weekend.  I didn't think those old WW-II craft flew that fast!  And loud?  Lordy they are loud!   Now three of them flew in formation over my house.   Rocky and I might as well skip the nap today!  (Now two of them flew over so close that I thought their wings might be touching.  They left a big trail of smoke behind them.)

These planes are probably practicing for the airshow this weekend - Mather AFB closed down quite a few years ago, but the runway is still used for cargo planes such as UPS, etc.  The runway is the longest west of the Mississippi, if I remember correctly.  The Air Force dumped a lot of jet fuel & contaminants somewhere on the base, so they haven't been able to develop a huge part of it.  I think they want to build housing for the homeless there but the cost of cleaning it up first has been prohibitive so far.  OK, enough for today.  Sorry this turned out to be so long.  This link is to a newspaper article about the show as well as the AFB.  



  1. It’s never too long 😉🤗. I really enjoy all your adventures except of course when you get hurt. I just finished dehydrating about 20 pounds (dehydrated weight) of prune plums! So glad that is done plus this morning 8 pints of spaghetti sauce. Next will be apple dehydration. Never a dull moment in this household. I envy you not having to do all this. Enjoy your Rocky, it sounds like you are making good progress.

    1. I am impressed with what you are dehydraging. Back in the mid-1990's when I was into backpacking, I had two dehydrators and experiemented with a lot of foods. I was never very happy with my results in either machine, and I don't know if I just didn't know the best way to re-hydrate it or what. I would like to try it again but just don't have the need for it now.

      Rocky has a good couple of hours, then maybe an hour where he drives me nuts and won't obey. But all in all he is a gorgeous and wonderful and mostly loveable puppy. I have to keep reminding myself that he's a puppy, and just like a young kid practicing for their teens but not quite there yet!

  2. So happy for you that the grocery home delivery worked out. It sure could make life easier for you, especially since the produce is so nice.
    Bravo to you and Rocky for learning new tricks. Actually, obedience training is really nothing more than "tricks" so you're doing great! I taught Sorcha to give me a "paw" and then give me "other paw." It was so much fun to see the little light go off in her doggie brain when she realized the difference! And we can switch it up too: sometimes she give me her left paw 1st, then "other paw" is the right one; or vice-versa. I try to be careful not to give her obvious clues by which hand I hold out. Her littermate sister won't learn this trick - just sits and waits for her treat after Sorcha gets hers for doing all the work. Once I taught a dog to roll-over, but after she hurt her back doing that trick I've been afraid to teach any of the other dogs do do that. Lynn - Kingston NY

    1. Thanks for the comments on training. I'm enjoying seeing him learn so fast. When you ask for "paw" does she just give you whichever one she chooses, or how do you do that. I never did like the roll-over all that much, so decided to get him to turn around in a circle for now. He does a fairly decent job of it with a reminder from me now and then, but by tomorrow this time he should be a pro!

    2. Your question got me to thinking about which paw she gives. I'm left handed so usually put out my left hand when I ask. She's right-pawed so that is usually the one she gives me 1st. When I ask for "other paw" I don't switch hands, but she then gives me her left paw. Sometimes she switches it up, though, and that's when I realized that she apparently understands the concept of "other."

  3. I have lots of floaters also. I am trying to ignore them. I have had one eye surgery already and one more in my future, so I do not want to have even more:( What ever makes Rocky happy is a good thing:))

    1. I will probably have to have the other eye operated on in the future. Sometimes the floaters catch me off guard and I feel so silly that I think I'm seeing bugs!

      I agree, a happy dog is a good thing to achieve.