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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Will Gypsy cook dinner tonight?

I got a lot of walking in this morning - went to Costco as well as Bel Air grocery.  I always park in the very back of the lot as that is where I can usually find a shady spot, and most of the time there aren't a lot of other cars crowding me.  Mostly I do it for the exercise.

Since I had no bacon on hand for my meatloaf and it was recommended by a couple of commenters, I decided to wait until I could buy it today, and just went to the gym last night.  So now I have all the ingredients on hand that I need to make a good meatloaf - at least I hope it turns out to be good.  I'll be eating it until it's gone, whatever the end result.

If you happen to use gmail you probably experience mail in the spam folder as frequently as I do.  They are almost always sex related, with some foreign "Dearest friend" mail thrown in.  This morning I got a good laugh when I saw an email from "As Seen on TV", and the subject referred to enlarging certain body parts.  They must figure that no one can resist "as seen on TV".  Ah, they are clever devils, for sure, but the spam filter is a little more clever.  Do people really open and read that kind of mail?

After a few nice days it looks like we are going to be back to sweltering temps in the upper 90's.  I'm so sick of this kind of weather, although I do appreciate the cool night time temps (upper 50's).   I usually don't have to even turn on a fan until mid-afternoon, and then run the swamp cooler for a few hours.  I hope NY has some cool weather in September.  I also wonder when I should start getting things together to pack.  If I do it now I'll end up with everything scattered all over, and will have to redo it before I leave.  If I wait until just before I leave, I'll forget something.



  1. A person would have to be mighty lonely to read that kind of mail.

  2. Maybe you could make a list and every time you think of something, add it. Works for me.

  3. Don't know why I never did it b4 but a couple weeks ago, looked at the spam folder as heard sometimes people u want to hear from are in there, well NOT so!!! and was alarmed at all the nasty/horrid sex stuff and had to contact my comp geek person as the why, had I done something wrong, how to get rid of it!!?? He thought I was funny, said no worries, just don't open and eventually the 'fall off' It was really icky!!! had NOT opened anything tho, so that was a good thing, i knew better than that. and I feel such a prude.. but golly, it WAS/IS concerning...
    Hope you stay comfortable in this heat coming up. take Care

  4. I bet your meat loaf will be great!

    Good idea to make a list I usually do when getting ready to leave. but still will forget something.

    That spam is such a pain. And some it it comes every day sometimes 3 aday. One is from some tramp looking for how or what. What gets me is why doesn't Yahoo find this and do something about it. Since it is the same person all the time but I am grateful it goes to spam.

  5. I get that gmail spam, too, but not on AOL. I don't know why gmail doesn't just delete it.

    I make a really simple meatloaf, but I love it and especially like cutting slices, frying in butter and making meatloaf sandwiches with mayo on one slice of bread and catsup on the other. Yummmm. I'll bet your meatloaf will be wonderful! :)

  6. I saw were various bloggers mentioned adding bacon to the meatloaf. I believe bacon enhances just about anything and I am looking forward to how yours turns out.

    As far as the spam is concerned I get them in all my mails, hotmail, gmail, yahoo...just think it comes with the territory.

    I do believe the various e-mail sites are trying to do a good job of cleaning it up or at least contain it in the Spam folder.