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Friday, August 15, 2014

Do I have a roofer?

I've had several guys come by to look at the roof and talked on the phone to a couple more, but I liked the fellow who just left my house.  I told him I would call him by Monday - I would have hired him on the spot except I'm waiting for another estimate on Monday.  This will be a fix, any way I look at it, and not a new roof.   If this gets settled I can soon relax and enjoy thinking about New York.

I also got my Big Agnes tent back and need to set it up to see if the new zippers work ok.  It's too big to set up on the driveway, and the only thing to do is to find a campsite that isn't too far away and set it up for a couple of days. 

I spent the whole morning steam cleaning my floors in the living/dining/TV area.  I think I wore myself out moving heavy furniture back and forth so that I could clean under everything.  I stopped because the steamer pad got so dirty and I finished the job using a folded microfiber cloth.  I'll throw them in the washing machine and then do the hallway and bedroom next.  That shouldn't be as backbreaking, especially if I don't try to move the heavy chest of drawers.  The little spare room is chock full of office (desk, printer, shredder, supplies) and camping gear.  No way am I going to move all that out right now - maybe one of these days I'll clean that floor. 

Now I'm almost too worn out to fix a decent dinner.



  1. Make sure they have their own insurance in case someone gets hurt. We hired a couple of guys who, when working for another contractor did a great job for us. We wanted them to put up a shed that I had purchased as a kit. They put the it up but didn't put the roof on and the doors overlap and will not shut. They disappeared. We called the contractor to see if he could help us get in touch with them, but he said he had fired them. Guess I have a roof to put on myself. So be careful. Have your son help negotiate the deal. He could also be a witness, if needed (grin).

  2. Oh yes, my wife reminded me to tell you to be sure to get receipts for any payments with their names, phone number, and address on the receipt. And have them note on it "paid in full" with the date and their signature.

  3. Good advise Dizzy. Sure hope you get a good roofer. Its so hard to find anyone who is even willing to work.

    You sure were busy today, I bet your happy that its done now.

  4. Your mention of floor cleaning reminded me that I was going to wash the bathroom rugs first thing this morning. Well, I'm just a LITTLE bit late! ;-> But they are in now. Thanks for the reminder!

    Virtual hugs,


  5. Sounds like some good leads for repairing your roof:)

  6. Great advice from Dizzy. Hope they warranty their work for at least a while against leaks. It will be nice for you to have this taken care of. You are making me feel guilty cleaning your carpets. Mine are SO long overdue.

  7. Getting that roof fixed will be a big weight off of your shoulders.

    I got tired just reading how much you worked today.

    Bet you can't wait to go set up your Agnes tent in a nice cool campground :)