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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Beat Goes On!

I'm not setting the world on fire with my decluttering, but at least I'm doing something every day.  I might be able to finish in about 5 years at this rate.

I went to the post office this morning - I love the fact that the clerks there are so pleasant and helpful.  I had thought of visiting Lowe's about the roof repair situation, but decided I'd rather put it out of my mind until after the wedding this weekend.  First thing Monday morning I hope to devote some effort into finding a solution to my leaking roof that won't banksupt me.  Some might not understand my attitude towards this place, but since I didn't pay anything for it I hesitate to put a lot of money into it.  It is a 1962 model and will never be worth much (if anything) - and I don't have the desire to pour money into it.  I still have a lot to upgrade inside the house and resent every penny I have to spend on the outside.

I got a nice surprise in my email box this morning, a notice from Costco that my cash back for the previous year amounts to $107.15!  Of course my membership invoice will arrive with the check.

I watched a yoga DVD yesterday and did some of the exercises - I felt a few muscles last night that I didn't know I had.  The aches and pains are all gone today so I think I will keep at it on the days I don't go to the gym. Over the years I have practiced yoga off and on, and I really should keep up with it because it can make such a difference at my age.  I was never a really disciplined person and I lost whatever discipline I ever had when got close to 70!  I guess going to the gym is the one thing I want to keep up with and go on a regular basis.  The benefits are unbelieveable!  I know from experience that yoga is as beneficial to me.

It's beginning to get hot inside the house, but at 3pm I just turned on the swamp cooler.  I look for a rise of about 3 or 4 more degrees, and it's going to be nice and cool later on and throughout the night.

I have another stack of books ready to go to the library as donations, plus a box of miscellaneous clothing that my granddaughter can cut up to use in some of the crafts she does.  Or she can throw it all out!  I'm so overwhelmed when I look at the stuff I've accumulated since I've been here, but every journey starts with one step.  (Who thinks up those sayings?)

UPDATE:  All day long I've been thinking it's Thursday, and I'm not leaving for the wedding until Saturday morning.  It was a fluke that I found out today is Friday and I have to scramble to get everything ready to travel.  Thank goodness I'm only staying overnight! 


  1. "I might be able to finish in about 5 years at this rate."

    I could not help but smile when I read the above. In that case it will take me 10 years!

    Have a great time at the wedding and who knows you just might meet a handsome stranger there :)

  2. Enjoy your time at the Wedding.
    If all you want to protect of your home is the inside then you will lose the battle. A little investment on the roof will keep your dream alive.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I really like the font size you used today. Helps these old eyes.

  4. Enjoy the wedding.

    I like that statement too about 5 yrs. I started a bag about a month ago never added another stitch to it, boxed up to boxes with glass items and that was it.

    Nice savings with Costco.

  5. That's too funny about losing a day. I do that way too often anymore. Have a great time at the wedding. The roof is something you just can't let go so hopefully you can find a solution that isn't going to break the bank.

  6. When we are trying to get rid of stuff, we still use the RV rule-something-something has to go:)

  7. I know about not being sure what day it is. I work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 2am to noon. If I wake up at 7 I scramble sometimes to remember if it would be 7am (and I'm really late for work!) or 7pm and I need to roll over and go back to sleep. Everyone else's Friday at work is my Monday (so to speak), and the guys at work when I get there still think it is the day before, since it was when they came in a few hours earlier.

    My grasp on reality wasn't that strong to begin with.

  8. Can't wait to hear if you catch the bouquet! I really loved the gym and yoga classes my gym had. I miss them both a lot on the road. It's much harder to do both now. I know there are national chain gyms I could join but I don't go to cities and that's where they are.

  9. Sorting and tossing is such a chore .... Believe me, you are not alone !!!!
    I do not know a lot about construction but I have owned several homes during this lifetime and RULE # ONE IS FIX THE ROOF .... The inside will not matter if the roof leaks everything will go to hell in a hay basket !!!! Roof and of course leaking pipes cannot be neglected ..... Hope you can get the repairs without too much trouble ....
    Have fun at the wedding !

  10. Wow! I have to say I really don't understand your feelings about your home. This is so negative. You're never negative. You say you didn't have to pay anything for it. There have been several times in my life I'd been tickled pink if someone gave me , for free, a home I could live in even if I had to put some money into it.

    I've seen some darling 60's mobile homes that people have fixed up.

    Maybe it's just got bad vibes for you. If it makes you feel bad you really should find some other place to live. It's unhealthy to live like that.

    I don't know why but this really worries me.

  11. I have a great Yoga video too … wish I'd utilize it! I know what you mean about a roof but well, if you stay there… y'might need one ~ it's always something for sure

    and what Sherry said... hope you catch the bouquet! talk about a party we'd all have ... ha

  12. I am still in the "purge" mode. There is still a lot that I could get rid of, but don't because there are some things that I would like to have "if" I decide to get off the road. Those things stay in the least accessible areas of the MH. I try really hard to NOT accumulate STUFF. Enjoy the wedding.

  13. Purging is not one of my favorite things either.