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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hangin' in there!

I was happy to see my sun shade still hanging this morning.  Seeing how it was when the sun hit it full on yesterday, I think it is more of a privacy shade than  sun protection, but it's fine with me.  I wish I could hang a shade that covers that entire side of the porch, but then I would have to find somewhere else to hang the hummingbird feeder and it would be where I couldn't see and enjoy the birds.

When I look at it I shake my head and wonder how I could have the nerve to hang it in public!  Actually, it isn't all that bad if you don't look up close.
Speaking of birds, I have a question that maybe someone can answer.  I bought a 5 lb. box of grapes at Costco a week ago and was really disappointed to find they had seeds in them.  I guess I didn't check the label but Costco's grapes have always been seedless up to this point.  It is so aggravating and time consuming to cut out the seeds in the morning to mix with my fruit bowl, and I always put a bunch of washed grapes aside for snacking on throughout the day - can't do that very easily now unless I remove the seeds first.

My question is:  can I set some of the grapes by the back fence for the birds?  Will squirrels or other rodents be attracted?  I know there are squirrels around, but I don't see them all that often in the vicinity of my house, and I certainly don't want to draw them.  Would the birds even be interested in the grapes?    I suppose I could try setting out a small bunch today and see what happens.  They are really tasty and very sweet, but I hate having to deal with the seeds.  

I've even thought of making grape jelly and straining out the seeds and skins, but that sounds too much like work.  Besides, grape jelly isn't my favorite, black raspberry would be my choice and it is almost impossible to find in Sacramento.  I will bring a few jars back from NY in my suitcase.

I just returned from Costco where I found organic seedless grapes.   I got some other items I had on my list, and when I got home I discovered that "someone" had mistakenly put biscotti into my cart.  Before I thought about it I opened the container and sampled one, so I can't return it to the store.  I think it must be a heavenly reward for avoiding the Svenhardt's 30 pack of Danish!

I'm trying to figure out what I can take on the plane to snack on, since I know the airlines no longer provide food.  I'll be changing planes at O'Hare and the food is always expensive in the terminals, so I'd like to take my own with me.  But what to carry it in is the problem.  I believe I'm allowed one checked bag, and one carry on or purse.  I'll  stuff my purse into a small backpack along with my laptop and snacks.  I think that will work.  Jeannie always takes along a lot of snacks for the kids when they fly, but with 4 people traveling you can take carry-ons for each.  This is a lot more difficult to plan for than driving my car to NY!


  1. Check the allowance for carry on again. I think it is one carry on size suitcase and one personal item. I carry a rolling 21"x14"x7" suitcase that goes into the overhead and my largish day pack. I plan on packing for Vegas with just those 2, and always pack more than I need. You just have to be mindful of the liquid/gel regulations with carry on.

  2. I have wild Muscadine grapes growing on my place and the birds seem to leave them along. They are so, so sweet, especially the skins but the skins are really tough.

  3. I wouldn't be happy with all the seeds either but I have no idea if the birds or rodents would want them.

  4. If you have somewhere to put the grapes up off the ground try a few and see if the birds will eat them.

    That problem of packing for a plane in a pain in the neck anymore. Glad I don't have to worry about that. sounds like your daughter knows what can be carried she's you best bet on that.