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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Frustration!

It is so aggravating to me that I can't seem to do the simplest thing like hang a shade.  My front porch gets the full afternoon sun when it is at its hottest point of the day.  There are hooks alongside the porch roof for hanging one of those inexpensive roll-up shades, so I bought one at Home Depot this morning.

The hooks (rounded "eyes) on the shade won't fit on the hooks from the roof because there isn't enough space to get them together.  I had some links of a chain (can't remember where I got it) and figured I might jury-rig the connection using the chain.  The chain links are too small to go over the hook on the porch.  So here I am, frustrated as can be, because I can't do a simple thing like hang a roll up shade.  I'll have to look into my tool box to see if there is something I can use to connect both the hook and eye.

The meatloaf turned out to be tasty if somewhat bland.  I had it for supper last night and just ate a meatloaf sandwich for lunch.  There are 2 or 3 servings left.  The bacon did make a great difference, and next time I will try Judy's recommendation to poke a few holes in the raw meatloaf and drop a bit of bacon grease in each one.  I would have done that but didn't have any bacon grease on hand.  For some reason I tend to spill things like that and recall dropping a half cup of warm bacon grease on the way to the fridge in my 5th wheel.  After spending a long time cleaning it up I heard what I thought was Lady grooming herself, to find that she was cleaning up bacon grease that I hadn't found.  Whatta good dog!   I'm on my own cleaning up food spills now.

After pondering the question of how to hang the shade, I got a wrench and opened up the roof hangers a bit and got the center hook from the shade on the hook.  The trouble is that the roof hooks are spaced so that they don't match the ones on my shade, so I think I done a good redneck fix - I got the small chains and linked them through the shade hooks on either end and tied the chains around the roof hooks.  The shade is moving about in the breeze, and it doesn't look exactly evenly hung, but it works for me.  If nothing else it will give my son Steve a good chuckle the next time he comes by.  He'll take a look at that and will just have to show me how to do a perfect job!

You might wonder why I didn't get a wider shade, but my hummingbird feeder is hanging a couple of hooks to the left of the shade, and I didn't want to interfere with it.   It's breezy today and I don't think the shade is going to hold up for long.


  1. You did a goo job, it is hanging up there and that is what counts. No, you don't want to disturb the humming birds. We have bird feeders and one near the kitchen window is for hummers. They can get pretty cranky with one another and I think they are little pigs (grin). But they are quite beautiful and acrobatic in flight.

  2. I think you did a fine job - and hey, if it works it works.

    Have you ever made meatloaf in a crockpot? My family loves meatloaf and [leftover] grilled meatloaf sandwiches - but I hate heating up the kitchen when it approaching 100 degrees outside. It's awesome and tastes just as good.

    I have never tried it with bacon tho' - bet that would be good. :)

    Hope the weather cools for you. It's been awfully cool here and it's making me long for fall. School is just around the corner and the mums are already showing up at the farmers markets. Next up pumpkins! :D

  3. Don't drop a 'bit of bacon grease' into the hole...cram it full! What do you mix with your meat that makes it so dull? Last time I added a good splash of Minnesota maple syrup to the onions, garlic, egg, and seasoned bread crumbs that I mix in. It was scrumprious!

  4. Sounds like you have been reading Tom Sawyer, I am sure your son will go fir it:)

  5. I think you did a great job. I bought one too for the carport side of the house in early June it is unwrapped and in the shed still. Want to come hang mine?

    I put lots of seasonings in my meat loaf. As a matter of fact I use Ground turkey with Italian seasoning and I also use tomato sauce or tomato paste, beside the egg and bread crumbs. I don't use or save bacon grease either. If any of you saw me make bacon you would just stand there and shake your heads. There is very little fat left by time I finish peeling off all the fat and throwing it away.

  6. I am not much into meatloaf but I was curious to see how yours turned out after adding bacon grease. Sorry you did not like it.

    I think you did a fine job hanging your shade.