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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Arts and Crafts

What in the name of all that's good and holy (one of my mom's expressions)  ever made me think it would be fun to get artsy craftsy items on hand for when the granddaughters visit!

Donald came over this afternoon with the four little girls (thank goodness he was here to help them with their projects).  They decorated little boxes in different shapes, painted rocks, and did a lot of artwork with glitter pens and markers.  They also ate lots of popcorn and I've finally cleaned up all the little pieces from the floor, chocolate peanut butter cups, blueberries and strawberries.  I will need to mop the kitchen floor tonight to get the chocolate & blueberry smears up.

Donald made them clean up before they left, and I got the markers, paints, and crayons off a leather dinette chair and a wood coffee table with a magic eraser.  It worked like MAGIC!   The floor I cleaned yesterday is a bit smeary today, but it really won't bother me enough to want to clean it again so soon.

One of the girls got upset because something wasn't working out like she planned, and I held and rocked her in my rocking recliner until she let go of all the frustration, which really wasn't too long.   

Donald is making pizza for dinner and asked me to come over, but I think I'm going to go to the closest convenience store for a 6-pack and maybe even some junk food, and just collapse.    It was an intense afternoon, but actually fun.  Now I can relax, read a book, watch tv, and knock back a couple of Hi Life's! 


  1. I with only one grandkid today and am beat to a frazzle.

  2. It's always a relief to send energetic grandkids home with their parents. :)

  3. No grand yet but I can still remember those craft times with Todd and I'm not sure who got more frustrated him or me. But there is nothing like a rocking chair for resolving those frustrations.

  4. Your a brave woman I can till you. Crafts and 4 little girls. WOW Like Judy said it's nice to for them to leave with their parents. And the fact he made them clean up was really nice. My kids are good that way too.

  5. You are a good grandmother and like Jo mentioned...a brave woman!

    Junk food and a six pack sound great to me. I am counting down the days to Terlingua 2014...hopefully by then I can drink me a couple of cold ones!

  6. I guess there is a reason why we have kids young...I know a lady that does Arts&Crafts with her Gkids out side...esp when using glitter!! lol

  7. Passing up a Donald pizza? Not sure I could do that even for junk food. Bet those kids had a great time with grandma today even if the did wear her out. 4 little girls, now that's a lot of energy.

  8. Kids can sure make a mess! I guess we have gotten use to it:)