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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nothing new here

It's much warmer today than it has been the past couple of days, and I'm pretty tired of hot weather.  Unfortunately Nature doesn't care what I'm tired of!

A note to Geocaching, please email me at mgypsy97 at aol dot com if you are interested in the books I mentioned yesterday.  (UPDATE:  I didn't receive anything from you:  Please try again at mgypsy97 at aol dot com    or at
gypsy97 at gmail dot com.)

A word about Kathy's comment, I also sort of enjoyed living in the space of my 5th wheel and thought maybe I could just stay in an RV park somewhere close to my kids in Sacramento.   An RV requires a whole lot of maintenance in my experience, maybe not yard work and such, but it does require upkeep and repairs.  That's why I would prefer an apartment so that if the fridge wasn't working properly I could call maintenance.  A/C or heating not doing its job - call maintenance.  And so on.  The quality of maintenance services varies of course, according to the individuals hired by the apartment complex.  If I could find an apartment that was at ground level with no apartments above, it would be ideal.  There are many single story duplex units in this area but they are all at least $300+ over what I could find in a regular apartment complex.  Unfortunately, every apt. I've checked on is multi story and I don't want tenants above me.

An interesting option is  a hotel/motel extended stay.  In looking for apartments online I found two for studio apartments in a local extended stay hotel.  They are furnished obviously, and I would store my furniture rather than get rid of it; the kitchenette is ok for a corporate extended stay, but it features a small (half size) fridge, a two burner stove top, and a microwave.  I never cook anything in a microwave, but use it once in a while to warm something up.   One advantage is free cable TV and wireless internet which is a heckuva savings per month.  The  down side is that the ad mentions something about taxes, and in CA as in most places, there is a hefty tax on motel and hotel stays.  That could just about equate to the savings derived from the cable/internet.  It's not a bad concept but it is unrealistic and impractical for me.

Shadowmoss left me a comment yesterday with  a quote I just loved and that describes my entire life!

"We don't know where we're going, but we're on our way! "

This is a quote from deep inside Mammoth Cave from early explorers.  Speaking of Mammoth Cave, my husband and I took our children there on a couple of occasions and went on several tours of the cave system.  I loved it so much I wanted to get into spelunking and finding new passageways through the caves, etc.  You can imagine that isn't an occupation for the mother of young children, and now that I can do anything I want I've become too claustrophobic to poke around caves beneath the earth.

I did find a lot more books that I'm willing to part with, although my Nevada Barr series is going to be difficult to say goodbye to.   Barr was at one time a ranger with the National Park Service, and her books feature the character of NPS ranger Anna Pigeon; each story takes place at a different national park.  One such park is Carlsbad Caverns, others are  Natchez Trace and Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park.  I bought these books used, and borrowed some from the library, i.e., Big Bend, Glacier, etc.  I'm keeping the book which features Lassen  Volcanic NP which is near and dear to my heart.  Anyone interested?

I guess I should go collect my laundry hanging on the line across the street.  I'm afraid that some day I'll forget it entirely and it will spend an overnight in the clothesline courtyard!

I'm hoping to get to the gym this evening.


  1. Hi Gypsy I have send two email the last two days did you get them yet?

  2. I tried to post a comment last night but it wouldn't let me. No doubt I did something wrong.

    Anyway I feel your pain about getting rid of books. When I sold my trailer last summer I just couldn't pack another thing and had to give away many books I then realized when I came home I had far to many here too. I have gotten rid of some but there are still a few I just can't give up.

    I wish you luck in deciding where to go.

  3. I also love the Nevada Barr series.I gave mine to the local library last year. Now that I am retired I usually get all my books from the library. Thank God for books because there is very little on TV worth watching.

  4. Love Nevada Barr! I wish there were more books where the setting was in the National parks. Sorry to hear it's even hotter. As you know we went "caving" just recently. We did the spelunking tour at Mammoth Cave where you crawl around with a head lamp. I loved it then but am not sure I would do it now. They had one at Wind Cave too.

  5. The heat has really taken a toll on me this year...not to mention the darn mosquitoes!

    Hope you can find an apartment that you like and that is single story.

    In Del Rio they have an apartment complex for senior citizens that is one level and my mom's friends love it because they do not allow children or pets except for daily visits from family members.

  6. Are you really sure that you want to move? If so, just make sure you don't jump out of the frying pan into the fire.