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Monday, August 4, 2014


I weighed myself at the gym this evening and found I hit my goal of 125#.  Ok, I went from 120 to 125 pretty quickly so now I need to figure out how I might make it to 130 over a longer period of time.  That will mean some adjusting of ice cream intake.  But with triple digit temperatures it's hard to forgo ice cream.

Saturday was the birthday party at Jeannie's house for Stephanie, who turned 25.  Here is the birthday girl:

Amy and Stephanie brought the food and Donald did the grilling, plus he made tiramisu in lieu of birthday cake.  I have never eaten tiramisu and nearly said no to it; I'm so glad I tried it because I've never tasted anything so delicious in my life!   My sister requested that Donald make it instead of wedding cake for this coming Saturday.

Here is a picture of puppy Sammy:

And another (click photos to enlarge)

I also took pictures with my film camera but will have to finish off the roll to have them developed.  I hope they are good.

On Sunday I watched Liam and Sammy while Steve & Meg took a class in stand-up paddleboarding and also had lunch out.  Meg and Sarah both have a birthday on the 9th, which is the same day as Julie's wedding, so this  was a little early celebration of Meg's birthday.

I was at their house for approximately 5 hrs and Sammy slept a lot of that time.  But when he wasn't sleeping that boy didn't stop!  When we went outside he chewed all the bark chips he could get to, and then went for my shoelaces, chewed grass, etc.   He runs around and sometimes springs up into the air with all four paws completely off the ground, while other times he's so clumsy he trips over his own paws.  He is such a tiny little thing but a real handful!  I realize it was in my insane moments that I thought maybe I could deal with a puppy again.   I can always go visit Liam and Sammy if I want to play with a puppy, and then I can come home alone.  I was so worn out from his energy that I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night and slept until 6:30 this morning.

I had an appointment today with my eye surgeon.  I think my deterioration in vision is more age related than anything.  He said the transplants were excellent!   He also wrote a prescription for a new lens for my left eye if I want to get the old one replaced.  It wasn't fun driving home with my eyes dilated, but I leave plenty of room between me and the car in front of me, don't exceed the speed limit, and try to drive as carefully as I can.  

After the  awful heat we've been having today was a beautiful day with a high of about 82.  There was a nice cloud cover for a lot of the day and we've even had some sprinkles - rain in the higher elevations as well as further south in the Central Valley.   

I may have mentioned that I wanted to do some hiking and backpacking in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest  in September.  Right now there is a fire burning in the Trinity Alps, caused by lightning.  If there is one fire it is likely that another one will come along before the fire season is over.  I won't go near a forest that has an active fire burning, even if it's not near the campgrounds and trails I selected.   What a weird summer this has been, and I can only deal with what it is.  Maybe I can find an alternative forest, although I've had my heart set on the Trinity Alps ever since I saw them last year.

It's 8:30 so I think I can stay awake a little longer than I did last night, but I'm getting really tired.  So far I am pleased with AT&T internet service.


  1. Puppies and grandkids are great because they eventually go home somewhere else so I can rest.

  2. Gypsy all I can say is I wish I was in your shoes and weighed what you do :-(

    Your family has their birthdays pretty close together, I would go broke buying presents.

    Bet those 82 degrees made you feel like you were in heaven. I too have been over indulging in ice cream because of the weather even though I try to kid myself and say it is diet ice cream :)

  3. I so agree with Barney - being able to send them home after playing with them is the best thing ever. Love those 80's. Makes you think maybe we can survive until Fall gets here. Poor California is having a terrible summer between the fires and the mudslides.

  4. awww... little Sammy how cute and Sandie? you just wait until you have that first g'baby! ha!

  5. I doubt anyone will have tell me I need to gain weight:( Enjoy the process!