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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thanks to Phil for looking up the Sacramento hotel tax for me.  I figured how much the tax would be and added it to the rent, and then compared it to my rent at the mobile home park plus TV plus wireless internet; the hotel would be $50-100 more per month, plus I wouldn't have a real kitchen nor would I have a regular living room area.  I have only seen the photos they show on the website so maybe there is a sofa, coffee table, etc., but it looks like bedroom, bath, kitchenette and a round dinette table and chairs.   I could deal with the smaller space but not with the lack of a kitchen.

As much as I find fault with the 55+ mobile home park, I think I prefer having my own home as opposed to a room or studio apartment in a senior living center.   Some of the folks here are very pleasant, while some are downright rude and aggressive.  I wouldn't want to be any closer to them than I am right now.   It's almost too much when two of them start screaming at one another in the street, usually over a dog belonging to one or the other.  Lord preserve me from ever getting to be like that!

I had a problem for about a week where my newly recorded tv programs didn't show up.  I tried troubleshooting it at the website of AT&T but finally decided to try to let one of their techs solve it via chat.  It took quite a while but we finally got it to work and now I can record and view programs.  My lack of interest in technology was sure in evidence - the tech would ask me a question about the box, the model # of the DVR, etc., and it took me a while to figure it out.  First of all I had trouble reading the fine print on the box and DVR, and had to use a flashlight.  She told me to unplug the DVR power cord from the box and to my dismay I saw three cords coming from it.  Of course the first two I tried were not the correct one.  Once I figured that out the rest went fairly easily.  I think it's a damn shame that it's so difficult to get help on something you pay for every month.  It would be nice if they didn't expect you to fix problems yourself.

Thanks to Nancy1340 for the suggestion that I try to get a repairman for the roof by asking at Home Depot or Lowe's for a recommendation.  I thought I would go to H.D. this morning but ended up nixing the idea.  I will do it after I get back from the wedding this weekend.   I started to make a list of things I've been wanting to pick up at H.D. and decided I don't want to spend money this early in the month, and the way to avoid that is to stay out of the stores as much as possible.

I have a nice stack of books to donate and might do that tomorrow.  Geocaching, do you still want the Barb Thacker RVing series?

I got plenty of sleep last night but I am so drowsy this afternoon.  I even attempted to take a nap in my bedroom (as opposed to the couch or recliner) but just couldn't go to sleep.



  1. I think it worked out for the best. Staying where you are and when you can't stand it, take a camping trip. It is nice to have a "home base".

  2. Yes I would like them..have sent you several emails...why don't you send me email grammynmaggie at yahoo dot com
    thanks donna

  3. Well shoot Gypsy, I feel for ya. If'n I had to live in one place for the rest my life, I would go slap crazy.

    Now if'n I was wear'n your shoes, I would be look'n at class C motorhomes an' cheap monthly rents at a 2nd class RV park. Git the urge to go camp'n....fire that sucker up an' go. Want to change homebase location....fire that sucker up an' go.

  4. If you get the name of any contractors check them out with the Better Business Bureau. We put a metal roof on my son's trailer about 5 years ago and it cost about $2,500. Doubt that information helps much since you are in CA and we are in Louisiana.

  5. I don't think living in a Hotel would be very nice. It really isn't very private and these days all this stuff about bed bugs and rug bugs. Not for me anyway.

    Techy stuff and me don't see eye to eye at all. Glad you figured it all out.

    Sounds like your making good progress clearing out the books.

  6. Seems like you could pay someone to do the things you need where you are for the difference in the hotel costs and not have to put up sharing walls with neighbors.

  7. Glad to be of help. We've had workmen recommended by HD that layed tile, carpet, installed two security doors, repaired and painted damage from our foundation to the sheetrock and also built a wall that closed off our dinning room (that we have only used 6-8 times in 17 years) to turn it into a 11'X11' pantry. We have been happy with all so far.

    I have a friend that loves to cruse. He's trying to talk his prefered cruse ship to let him live onboard. It would be cheaper than renting. No meals to prepare, no cleaning, no laundry, doctor onboard, etc, etc. So far..... no luck. LOL

  8. I have become a fan of Lowes. When you buy almost anything they sell, you can get it installed by their contractor and they have been real good on following up on their performance.

    It is not just appliances, but things like gutters and roofing materials. Might be worth checking out.