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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just relaxing

I'm having an easy day - stayed in bed a half hour longer and that set the tone for the entire day, I think.  I took a cup of coffee and one of my books out to the front porch, but after sitting there a minute I decided to go sit at the back of my driveway.  I'm still in green silk pajamas and felt kind of conspicuous on the front porch!

Yesterday was the most beautiful day in a long time - never got above 80.  Today's forecast is for a high of 90 but I'm hoping it doesn't quite reach that.  

I have a good supply of books to read now - all mysteries, all fun to read, and all very forgettable.   A commenter, Geocaching, asked me about book titles.  What I do is go to the mystery section at my local library branch.  I scan the shelves for paperbacks - maybe two or three that look like they belong together - and usually they are the kind of mystery I'm looking for.  As I mentioned, they all have themes, such as old house renovation, cooking, baking, sewing, tea shoppe, etc.  I'll bring a stack of them home and sometimes I find a particular author is not to my liking, and I'll return all her books unread.

If you look for books this way, be aware that they are silly, funny, whatever; some feature a ghost or someone who can see and converse with ghosts; some have different paranormal themes, and I even got hold of a series one time that was a "Christian mystery" (written in small print so that I didn't realize what I had until I was into the book.  I quickly got tired of the preaching although I liked the plot, but returned the books in short order.  The witnessing and preaching were totally out of context and I don't like it to begin with.  Another thing I do is to read the books in order, and you can find the print date on one of the pages in front of the book.   Sometimes I go to the Sac Library catalog and request the titles to fill in with what I pick up at my branch, but I always try to read from first to last.  Most authors of these books only write 3 or 4, and then either write a new and different series or just drop out altogether.  Right now I'm happy to read this kind of fluff, and now and then I'll read something more serious.

I fixed myself some blueberry pancakes this morning.  I have frozen blueberries on hand, and even threw in some chopped walnuts.  Topped with organic maple syrup and I'm feeling great, although a little full.   I had to go get dressed because I notice I got some pancake batter on my pajama top!

I need to get back to some serious decluttering before I leave for NY in September.  I'd hate to think something would happen to me and my kids would have to go through all this mess!


  1. Yaaay for blueberry pancakes! Time for another batch here, methinks!

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Sounds like great weather. We have mid 90's all week with humidity nearly as high. I have taken to reading books that I would not normally read just for a change. I even read a Harlequin novel that was downloaded free on my Nook. It was rather silly, but I did manage to finish it.

  3. Have you tried "The cat who " series by Lilian Jackson Braun? I think you'd like them, and there are about twenty books in the series. Quilleran's Siamese cat solves all the murders. ;)

  4. I get enough magazines that I don't have time to read a book, and then there are the computer games and the blogs and the. . . You get the idea.

  5. Thanks for the book info...
    think I will try the system..

  6. It has been really nice here too of course out temps are a little higher but still compared to what it was this is great.

    Hope I you get more outdoor time tomorrow and enjoy your books.

  7. I do series mysteries too for easy fluff reading and also always try to do them in order of publication. I've done the A is for series and the Nevada Barr series but haven't found any others I like as well. So if you find something you really like, let me know. I need a day of nothing but reading and relaxing that's for sure.

  8. Reading in my pajamas is something I sorely miss. Glad you made a fun day of it.

  9. LOL... a Christian mystery … boggles one's mind… I just went to the library. I like to go to the Sale book rack. I mean for 10¢ and upwards…. don't have to worry about returning them.

    I always look at the cover introductions and then read the first page… if the cover works, then the first page and if that works… its mine. I spent 30¢! gave them a $1 … big spender.

    One that I want to read today is No Place For Me by Barthe DeClements… the first page is intriguing …

    It begins with … "Sitting on the deck overlooking Lake Washington, I felt the morning sun warm me into a lazy daze….."

    That got me … ;)

    You are going to fly, right? Hahaaa … straighten up and fly right… I just might YouTube that… the kids have gone to the beach and I can't figure out what I want to do first … read that book … or watch an old movie on the teevee or make some potatoes and eggs…

    just might do all of em… why not… too damn hot to get outside for this old woman … man~ 108 yesterday ~ humid… pffffft