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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some photos taken at the wedding

I forgot to take my camera into the church so I didn't get any of the ceremony, which was presided over by my youngest brother and deacon, Rob.  The following pictures were taken by either Jeannie or me, and I haven't ever seen anyone else's photos although I know they were up on Facebook before the sun rose the next morning.

This is Julie & Paul, my niece Stephanie who was the maid of honor, and sister Amy; my brothers Steve, Rob, and Fred are in the back row, along with yours truly.  You will note my exquisite shoes in the photo - I started out wearing decent shoes but they were so uncomfortable I changed into my Birkenstocks before I even got to Livermore!  At my age the people can just think I'm eccentric.  (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Jeannie and me:  (I wish I had removed those glasses, but if I set them down someplace I will never find them again.)

Jeannie, me and my brother, Fred:

Jeannie and Donald:

Julie and Paul, me, and Rob:

My four granddaughters, with Julie and me in the background. 

Meg (Steve's wife), Jeannie, and Sarah (Joe's wife):

All in all it was an informal and pretty stress-free wedding, a relaxing good time.  The only downside is that my brother, Bill and his wife, Wilma were in town having driven from Milwaukee, but didn't make it to the wedding.  Wilma spent several days in a local hospital when she suffered a bout of vertigo.  She has had it before but it seemed worse this time somehow.  They are back in Milwaukee now and I think she is ok.  I was so worried because there had been a problem with her meds for A-Fib - Bill has an alarm on his iPhone to remind her when to take her meds, but the phone went through a couple of time zone changes and it ended up being 2 hours off in the prescribed time to take the tablet.  The doctors said that had nothing to do with the vertigo though, so that's a good thing.

I rode back with Jeannie & Donald, and we stopped by the hospital for a visit with them - I would have hated to miss seeing them.  They always make me so welcome whenever I stop by to see them on my way to and from NY.

I hope the photos aren't too blurry.  I'm having trouble with my eyes lately and they all look a bit blurred to me.  I'm also seeing floaters that look like little flying insects.  I think there was a fly in my kitchen last night but I couldn't tell for sure if it was really a fly or if I was seeing things.  I was swatting the air though!

Other than it being too hot to suit me I am feeling pretty good - I did recover from the art shop I held yesterday.   Joe and Sarah are working night and day to get ready to put their house on the market tomorrow, so Jeannie & Donald took the girls yesterday and today.  Donald had the kids in the swimming pool a lot of the time, which tires them out and slows them down a little.  I haven't seen Joe's new house yet - it is brand new and still under construction.  Alyssa went on a small crying jag yesterday (when I held her in the rocking chair) about not wanting to move but wanting to stay in her old house.  They will love it once they move in.  They will still be fairly close to me, but a little bit further than the current distance of about a mile.

My calendar looks empty for next week so I hope I can at least get the roofing issue settled.  I'd like to have it taken care of before I leave for New York - with the way things have been there is no way to know if and when we will get some rain.  I sure hope we can end the drought this coming season, or at least put a good dent into it.  Things look pretty grim though.   I will probably put off any extended camping trip until October, although my big tent has been repaired by the Big Agnes company  in Colorado that made it, and I really need to go to the mountains for a day or two to try it out and make sure the repairs are acceptable.

I guess the stars were aligned in such a way that the past week or two has been difficult for me, but whatever it was it is now all worked out and I'm feeling wonderful!   I'll feel even better when the temperature is such that I can get out and about, maybe do some walking and/or hiking, and just generally get moving.



  1. Your dress was really nice it looked well on you. Wedding pictures are fine. I get those floaters too. I'm always swatting at nothing I'm sure.

    Just the thought of moving makes my skin crawl but their young they can handle it.

    As for rain we are getting plenty these past few days. And its pouring right now. Hope this fixes out troubles too.

  2. I love your dress. It looks terrific on you. I hope my daughter Carrie can have a nice stress free wedding like that. I think you pictures are not blurry at all. I'm having eye troubles with focus and those darn floaters too. Have they come up with something that will help us? I hate not being able to see clearly.

  3. What a lovely wedding made even more special by having your baby brother officiating the ceremony.

    Sorry to hear about your SIL and glad she is back home and feeling better.

    Alyssa will warm up to the new house as soon as she moves in. I do not envy your son or daughter-in-law one bit having to get their house ready to be sold.

  4. Love the dress and your hair. Lookin' good woman. But that is really too bad about Wilma. I have a very small case of vertigo which usually hits when I lay down or if I turn my head too quickly. That's not fun but it's nothing like Wilma must have and I sure feel for her. I'm hoping you get your roof fixed and then I hope it does a nice slow soaking rain for several days. But not when you want to go camping. How's that for wanting perfection.

  5. We're having the nice steady kind of rain today in MN that California could use. Of course, it's my day off. :P

  6. What a great family you have and the picture of your four granddaughters is the cutest ever!! You should be really proud.

  7. BTW, I also have those dang floaters and am always shooing bugs away that don't exist. I know just how you feel. My floaters are left over from my detached retina.