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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shopping trip

My youngest son, Joe, graduates this coming Friday, and we got together to get him outfitted in a new suit with all the accessories, which he will need for job interviews.  I know guys probably don't say "accessories", but I mean shirt, tie, shoes, etc.  We shopped at Jos. A. Banks, and I mostly followed the advice of oldest son, Mike, in NY as far as what we bought.  Mike sent a generous offering and we are all chipping in, so it's a good family feeling.

We went to Hoppy's for lunch and I got my fish & chips, as well as had a glass of their brewed-on-premises beer.  It tasted good, especially how it's been since Thanksgiving that I've had an adult beverage.  Now I'm back to teetotaling until surgery and for the time it takes to get off pain meds.

I have been looking through old pictures, and wanted to post the following one in light of my previous entries about smiling for my picture.  My mother always hated to have her picture taken, but she sure is smiling in this one.  Grandchildren perform magic!
And speaking of my mom, this very old picture must have been taken when she was about 18 yrs old.  I hadn't realized how pretty she was.  This must have been taken shortly after she met my dad!

My mom had 8 children, all of whom are still living, and 18 living grandchildren plus two deceased.  I have four children and 8 living grandchildren plus two deceased.  I've always been happy I came from a large family, and that I was able to have four of my own.  In these days the cost would be prohibitive for most people to even consider having a lot of kids, plus the realization that the earth is overpopulated and with limited resources.  Today I am really grateful for family!

I am really tired now and plan to just take it easy for the rest of the day.  Wish I had another glass of beer!


  1. For most of us, family is the most important part of our lives. Grandchildren are the best, since we can enjoy them and send them back to their parents:))

  2. What a wonderful family gesture for Joe. Great graduation present.

  3. Nice picture you look like your Mom..

  4. I feed people who have huge families not so great when one is not employed and homeless, yet the kids never complain and neither do the parents, mostly foreign born and love their God and their families, not like USA people who come thru the door who actually don't give a cat's whisker for their own tiny babies and children..I see it and thank God daily my parents were from Spain and Germany, mother highly educated and dad not so much but lived for USA and their kids, loved their faith(s) tragically Mom passed when I was young and this set my Dad up for terrible things to happen, but I knew I was loved and wanted and to always do my best and my familia was my rock no matter what..Happy Holidays, my hubs has been to Ireland and loves the land and people he said they really love their families there and sacrifice for them all the time, he is jewish so we only celebrate Hanukkah but really isn't the spirit of the Lord each and everyday..ciao X()