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Friday, December 13, 2013

Going in Circles!

I got myself on the road this morning thinking I'd go to Costco; about halfway there I changed my mind and decided I'd try Target (I always spend more than I plan on at Costco), so I started circling over there.  Then I realized that much of what I wanted was in the food department, and I like to shop for groceries at grocery stores, when possible, so I just about completed the circle to drive to Bel Air.  Is that why women have the reputation for changing their minds so often? Nothing like being flexible, is the way I see it.

I filled another RX for post surgery and now I have taken care of all the items on that list.

Jeannie won't be going to the gym this evening as they are having Autumn's birthday party tomorrow - this is the kiddie party, but her actual birthday is on the 18th.  I decided to go to the gym closest to me and at least walk on the treadmill since that is probably one of the few things I'll be able to do for a while after my surgery.

I don't know what it is, but no matter what speed I set it at, I can't walk on one of those things without holding on.  I tried to act nonchalant and hold on with only one hand at a time, and tried to let go a few times and swing my arms, but I get dizzy, disoriented, and am afraid I'll keel over.  Maybe in time it will get better.  I walked most of a mile at 3mph, and a little slower on the warm up and cool down.  I'm really tired now - it's more work than you'd think.  I also walked around and looked at some of the machines - some are familiar, but I feel more comfortable at the other gym.  I'm lucky to have one so close though.

This morning I got around to making Carolyn's egg muffins, which are so good.  I just used sausage, egg, milk, and chopped fresh spinach.  Next time I'll try a few different veggies in it.

Sherry asked about a picture of my haircut.  I didn't take my camera to the hairdresser so I took about 20 "selfies" this morning most of which I immediately sent to the trash.  I think my hair looks much better - fuller and more poufy in reality than on this picture.  I also think I look like 20 miles of bad road, but I'm sorry, it's the best I can do right now. 

While the thermometer only reads 55 right now, it is delightfully warm outside in the sun - a beautiful day.


  1. I like you in short hair much better than long. It looks good.

  2. Those muffins look good. Let me know how they do as leftovers.

    As you know, I like short hair too.

  3. I like your short hair - it's all the style right now - plus it will be easy to care for during recovery and later on your hiking adventures - Best Wishes !!! - CindyL in Dayton, Ohio

  4. You are beautiful. I like you in short hair too. I will be an advantage for the short hospital stay also.

  5. I really like the short hair too. Funny expression about your looks! Don't us oldies all?

  6. oh.... like your haircut .. .very much ... those egg muffins look delishous! going to do it so help me hannah in the morning... finally went to the store today in the cold and wet and rain but these damn cats insist on being fed!

    If you smiled! you'd wouldn't look so unsmiley! ... try another with a smile ... you do have a very nice smile...

  7. I used to wear my hair like that, very cute haircut. I've been growing my hair out for a year because of a terrible hair cut, kind of scared me away from getting it cut again. But I look better in short hair, too, so I'm sure that sooner or later I'll get it cut short again. I know what you mean about selfies - I've never taken one I'd publish. You look cute in yours, and your haircut looks great! :)

  8. Your hair cut looks good. I bet it will be easy to take care of. Now, those muffins look good enough to eat!!

  9. Thanks for the picture. I can see why you are happy with the cut. It's cute and just the easy care thing for all that you have coming up. As for the circles, better to change your mind than to forget where you are going. LOL!

  10. Yep I like you in short hair. I be going for a cut next week. It is so much easier to deal with.

    Driving in circles seems to be the same way with me lately. But we get where we need to be some how.

    The egg muffins look really good I need to try them.