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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday morning

It's been a good morning so far - I had a leisurely breakfast and coffee, got a shower and loved washing short hair for a change, then went to the Farmer's market.  I took a handful of singles out of my wallet before I left, as I try to have them on hand for the Salvation Army lady, or the like.  I would have spent them had I taken them to the market.  It didn't take me long to make my selections - the first booth is all Certified Organic, and the farm owners grow everything they sell.  I've never been unhappy with anything I purchased from them, and I spent the cash I had brought along - not all that much, really.  It won't do to get a lot of food in unless I can use it in the next week.
(I was going to crop the photo so it just showed the food, but couldn't get it right.  Three of those old Rx bottles are how I divide up my vitamins and supplements into AM, Noon, & PM.  I'm not taking much now because they don't want me taking any supplements, so I'm just left with a few vitamins.  Remember to click on the picture to enlarge it.)
I found a recipe with pictures online for fixing butternut squash.  One is to grate it and fry like hashbrowns.  The picture shows it fried to a beautiful golden brown, and an over easy egg on top.  That makes my appetite jump just to look at that picture.  Another recipe is for rough slicing them as for french fries.  Supposedly they are even better tasting and more nutritious than sweet potato fries.  I bought two butternut squash and printed out two each of the recipes - one for me and one for Donald.  They like sweet potato fries, so I'm hoping they will like the squash.  For me, I'm fixin' the hashbrown version!

I didn't intend to write a blog about food today, but I have to mention the egg muffins.  I had eaten two of them right out of the oven and put the remaining four in the fridge.  This morning I took out two more of them and warmed them in the microwave - delicious as the moment they came out of the oven!  I will be making them again next week, and this time will add a few more veggies - maybe some potatos, carrots, broccoli, whatever I have on hand.  I guess I should make them in the large muffin tin.  Having something like that on hand can really be nice in the morning when you are ravenous.  After I got back from the market I fixed myself a double portion of oatmeal, lots of sugar added because I like my oatmeal with sugar!  I love it when my appetite is working normally, but still can't understand why I look like a stick.  Dang, I'd love to be voluptuous!

It's going to be a gorgeous sunny day with temps hopefully reaching 62.  In the Sacramento sun 62 is warm!  I need to get outdoors, so maybe a walk at Mather Field will be good.

Oh, about the picture of my short hair vs the one in the upper right of my blog, which was cropped from a professionally taken portrait.  (It was taken at a time when all my children and grandkids were together, and was an occasion of joy.)  I mentioned that I took about 20 shots holding the camera out in front of me, and all but one went into the trash.  I can't take a decent photo up that close, and smiling for such a picture makes it look pretty scary.  Maybe during the coming week when we are together for Joe's graduation, I'll get some photos on my camera and possibly be able to crop a decent one of me and my haircut.

I have one more thing to comment about, and that is the news that the US will allow chickens raised in the United States to be shipped to China where they will be processed, and then returned for sale in the U.S.  Does this sound right to anyone out there?  How can it be possible that a profit can be made considering transportation to and from the US to China?  So what else is going on.  It sounds to me like an effort to put damn near every American out of work or into dead-end jobs selling Chinese chicken at Walmart.  Just look at the food safety record for anything from China (baby food, pet food, etc.) and tell me you would buy that crap?  End of rant.

Update:  I just read a further article about the China chicken thing, and it seems we (the U.S.) is doing this because China refuses to buy our beef otherwise.  So will the beef industry subsidize the chicken industry for the transportation costs?  I don't buy beef or chicken that isn't American organically raised, and I hope to hell it hasn't made it's way to Asia and back.


  1. All of these posts about food are making me hungry! (again)

  2. LOve all this talk about food and what healthy food you are eating! good stuff. except for the loads of sugar... LOL

    NO I have not heard of the chickens being sent to China???!!! what? that is absurd ... absolutely absurd... I don't eat meat any longer so it won't affect me but my god in heaven ... sending our chickens to China to be processed then sent back here???? what the hell kind of since does that make... you can grow yer own damn hicken in your backyard... well, some backyards...

    but then you'd have to kill it an pluck it and ew ... I remember that from my very early childhood... awful terrible stuff..

    I try very hard to not buy anything other than USA produts and it's really really hard as all know.


  3. Did you know that you can take your own photo with your Mac? Have you ever looked at Photo Booth?

    I have a recipe for butternut squash pancakes that you might enjoy. There are a lot of different recipes online for them. Mine has a lot of substitutions that you wouldn't need. I'd also try making muffins with them. I use sweet potatoes and pumpkin for muffins as well.

  4. I just like butternut squash, cooked of course, with butter and salt on it.

  5. I love butternut squash cooked just about anyway. Those veggies look really good.

    I guess I can give up Chicken I gave up beef a while ago as I can't afford it not the kind you really want to eat. Lets put more people out of work. WTH are these fools thinking anyway.

  6. Boy I sure wish I had your metabolism. I'd love to just eat and eat and not put on a pound. So would a lot of folks I know. I'll be interested in how your two squash recipes work out they both sound great.

  7. Hey Gypsy looks like you doing well getting ur self ramped up for ur sugary. Do you know what or where you head about the Chicken....

  8. Hello! I just found you through the Bayfield Bunch ... sure hope you heal easily and fast and are soon back to your normal activities!

    Your topic of food from China touched a nerve with me ... I rarely buy apple juice (Only buy it to use when I make an apple cobbler about twice a year!) but I bought some a few weeks ago and was disgusted to find it was from China! I have already stopped buying meats at a supermarket and only buy it at local 'homegrown' meat markets where they get fresh meats as close to home as possible, so now I guess I'll be reading labels even more closely. I am also fortunate to live in a town that has a huge Tyson chicken plant, as well as a huge chicken growing industry, so I buy chicken from there because I know it is locally grown and processed. It is also much less expensive from the plant.

    I'm adding you to my blog list ... looking forward to seeing you back to normal! Blessings, Becky