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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One step forward, two back

I sure took two steps back last night.  Jeannie came by and took me over to the gym closest to where I live, and we had a great workout.  I didn't realize how big the place is and how much it has to offer, and probably would never have gone exploring on my own.  I must have worked out with a vengeance because sometime in the middle of the night I was as sick as a dog!  (Now where does that old expression come from?  I tried to think of an alternative but can't come up with one.  Apologies to all the dogs out there!)  I'm ok now but I didn't get out of bed until close to 9 am.

Ara gets in just before 1 pm today.  She left Philly early this morning and has a change of planes in SLC.  I'm afraid to check the weather in either place, and just hope everything goes smoothly for her.

This is me with two of my granddaughters taken last Sunday.  They always make me smile.  (Click photo to enlarge.)

I love my new eyeglasses but need to go back to Walmart Optical and get them adjusted.  They hurt my head after wearing them for a while.  Even driving near a Walmart parking lot at this time of year is a no-no for me, and hurts my head just thinking about it!

Jeanne and I looked over an album of photos from November 1999 when we made a trip to Ireland.  I had already been there and decided to move there soon, and this was just a fun trip for Jeannie, Ara, and me.  The pictures brought back so many good memories for both of us, and I realized that 14 years from now people won't sit around looking at old photos on their iPhones.  My own opinion is that we lose a lot when we rely on technology to keep our treasured memories.  There is nothing like paging through a photo album in my opinion, or even going through a shoe box of pictures.  I have always been sentimental, and I suppose now I'm turning into a sentimental old fool :-)

We are supposed to have a high of 67 degrees today!  That's really getting up there but it won't last long and then go down about 10 degrees.  This weather see-saws back and forth but that's okay - it's all good.

I think I should get dressed before Noon today, which doesn't give me all that much time!


  1. Boy, that youngest granddaughter sure has pudgy little cheeks. :)

  2. I totally agree about having photo albums. having one on your lap and slowly going thru and remembering to me is precious....just not the same looking at a computer screen, it just seems impersonal. but then I'm becoming one of the rare ducks that loves books. have figured out how to place a piece of paper to mark my spot on a computer.

  3. You can print out digital pictures and then you have the best of both worlds. Best to use photo quality paper. Always make backups of your digital pictures.

  4. Whew - when I read the title I thought something medical had happened AGAIN to mess things up. Sorry you over did and were sick though. I 3rd the photo album being much more fun to share. I feel about it the same way I do about letters. Will our historians really have emails to go through to write the next generation of history? Although it is VERY nice to be able to send pictures immediately through email than have to print them out, get copies and send them through the USPO. So I guess we need both. Dick is right.

  5. Very cute girls:) We still have our old photo albums, but since I have digitized all of them, we almost exclusively look at pictures on the computer. Phones are just to small. I think they look so much better on the big screen especially with the ability to correct the old errors and defects on the photos. I have pictures of family from the late 1800's that look so great after I spruced them up on the computer.

  6. Great hair cut. I sure suits you!

  7. I really like the hair cut. Your granddaughters are so beautiful.

    Wonder what made you so ill.
    Have a great time with Ara.

  8. Okay - stop over doing it. I have done away with almost all of my photo albums. The kid didn't want them so I put most the important pictures in a box in his spare closet. Hopefully some day he will appreciate them.