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Monday, December 16, 2013

Nothing much

Jeannie called me early this morning asking if I wanted to come over for coffee.  Since I had already made a pot, I just took mine over in a thermos and visited for a while.  I asked her to take a photo of me with the two girls and am waiting for her to email it to me for possible inclusion in the blog.  I'm sure it would be a better picture of me and my haircut when I have my arms around two little girls!  That alone brings a smile to my face.

I came back home after a couple of hours as I was feeling strange.  It's the same thing happening to me that I experience before any big event in my life - beginning a trip was such a time, back in August.  For a week or more before the actual event I start to lose focus and concentration, and just feel like I'm separated from  reality.  I know the upcoming surgery is one reason for it, plus the fact that Ara is arriving on Tuesday and Joe graduates on Friday of next week, and then I'm under the knife a week from tomorrow.  I also have a feeling I'm going to miss Christmas with the family this year.  (If I'm still on vicodin I'm sure I need to be safe at home in bed!)  It's more than I want to deal with in such a short time span, so I withdraw and go inward.

So I've spent most of the day just sitting around, looking at camping and hiking gear on the computer, reading hikers' journals, and trying to keep my mind occupied.  I hope tomorrow is a better day; at least I will try to get to the gym which I always look forward to.


  1. Even if you were up to the visit after the surgery, you'll be on a soft food diet for a while before slowly getting back to eating closer to what you ate before. You'll be in our prayers. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. At least you are aware of your coping mechanism for the big events and you can recognize it for what it is. That is a good thing. I just want you to get this over with so you feel better. You may not be able to enjoy the Christmas dinner but you'll have the company.

  3. I know what you feel. Same thing for me. I am going "under the knife" for a lumpectomy this Thursday.