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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No BLT today either

I totally forgot about getting the sandwich at 11 am, which is when I should get there to avoid the crowds as well as assuring they won't have sold out of their wonderful croissants.  That is the best part of the BLT!  Maybe tomorrow if I can keep it straight.

We have beautiful sunny weather today but it is only 46 degrees, and will stay mostly in the 40's for several days.

I have printed out several short hikes up in the gold rush country, but I will probably wait until next week to try them.  I want to wait until I'm through taking all the antibiotics; everything has to be timed throughout the day and I don't want to have it ruin my time outdoors.

I've been asked if I am hesitant to hike alone.  I would rather hike with another person, but that is more for the company it would provide.  I have made up my mind that I refuse to be afraid of anything, including death, axe murderers, aging, being alone in nature, and a lot more.  I still hope to see animals such as bears, wolves, and even mountain lions, but in the distance, please.  Of course I wouldn't mind a wolf being close.  But afraid?  No, I'm not going to have fear.  I've been working on it for several years now and mostly have it mastered, but a good hike alone in the woods and eventually an overnight should give me an idea how I'm doing.

I'm more afraid of not getting my appetite back than anything else, and shriveling up to a scarecrow!


  1. I would LOVE to give you MY appetite. Thanks for your blog. Really enjoy keeping up with you.

  2. I was waiting to read that the BLT was fabulous. Maybe tomorrow. Glad you've got some hikes figured out. Should be fun if it's not snowing.

  3. All this talk about a BLT has me defrosting three strips of bacon to make me one for breakfast tomorrow.

    Hiking by yourself sure beats just sitting alone in the house.

  4. Well like the wise man once said, the only thing to fear is fear itself.

  5. I have 30 pounds yu can have for free Just let me know if you want it.

  6. Sure funny how we'd all like to give you some weight, including me. I'd be as happy as a hound if either my appetite would diminish or my metabolism would increase. I've had people ask me the same thing about hiking alone and about eating alone. I never thought about not doing either one of them. I like them both. How will you decide which hike to do first is always the problem for me.

  7. Wouldn't that be nifty ... put us in a bag and I'd give you at least 50 pounds... mostly pie pounds...

    Isn't there a bakery that sells croissants close to you? nuke some bacon ... slather on some Hellman's, slice of a good ol tomato and crisp lettuce with a glass of cold milk... and get down!

    wish I still ate meat... I used to love bacon... haven't had any in eons.. but that was my favorite thing to eat on the road ... a Club or a BLT sandwich ... hard to mess that up... although some did!

    Denny's always made good ones. You got a Denny's in Sacramento? lol

    Drink protein drinks ... Bolthouse Farms has some good ones... I drank their Mocha Capuccino until I gave up sugar... they also have wonderful chocolate one ... heeeeere's their website ;)

    Mocha Cappuccino

    100% Arabica coffee, premium cocoa and protein. Until a little while ago, they were total strangers. But we’ve blended them together into our smooth and creamy Mocha Cappuccino, and now they’re besties. Besties whose sole purpose in life is to rescue those taste buds from taste purgatory.


    The Protein Plus Coffee was my staple... goooood stuff ~ 30 grams of protein in the bottle... I drank the bottle all day long while traveling...

    You're bound to find one you like... they a Nog one ... put a little brandy or bourbon in there.. don't know about beer.

  8. I also hear this from people when I say I go camping by myself. If we are meant to die we will die.

    But I'm sure glad I didn't go this week. It's freezing cold out there.

  9. Gypsy, you've got half the country cooking up bacon to make a BLT since your last post ~ even without the croissant! Hope you satisfy your craving soon... we all have ;)

  10. Wouldn't it be nice to have an appetite again??? Can only wonder at this point...