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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No hope

I went to the G.I. Clinic this afternoon and the bottom line is that the G.I. doctor doesn't want to remove my gallbladder until the other doctor has done the 2nd ERCP to remove the biliary stent and the remaining stones.  That is scheduled for Jan 14, 2014, so I'm looking at Feb. or March to get this thing taken care of.  I did get an alternative to the Levafloxacin that was causing me trouble.  When I'm finished with the antibiotics I might just go on a short binge!  Probably just beer though.  It's futile because I couldn't drink enough to end up in oblivion.  I don't remember ever once in my life wanting to drink for the effects of it.  Scary! 

I think I'm beginning to see hospital politics, hierarchy of medical staff, and a whole lot of "CYA-ing" going on.  I told the intern who saw me that I just don't care anymore and that I'm going hiking!  She had a small fit but she will get over it.  Do they think I am going to sit in my house until January?  Now to find someplace that isn't too cold to stay in a tent.

I've backpacked in a lot of cold and snowy weather and did ok, but I was 56 at the time - a mere kid!  I dressed plenty warm but the biggest problem was after I ate supper - I always got chilled and the only way to get warm after a meal was to climb in my down sleeping bag.  Of course in a cushy, comfy sleeping bag and being all warm and toasty, I usually fell asleep before the sun went down.  I'm not into that kind of stuff anymore.

I decided to work off some frustrations at the gym - trying the treadmill for the first time.  I couldn't let go of the sides, and every time I tried I felt dizzy.  I was probably the only person walking 1-1/2 mph and holding on for dear life.  I quit at about 1.2 miles.  Then I worked heavily on the legs and arms.  My legs hurt a bit but it feels so good!

I'm going to borrow a couple of packs from my son and load a few items in each - will just hike with them, not backpack, but at least I should get an idea in 3 or 4 miles if I can do it.  I figure I owe myself a big long backcountry trip for having to put up with all this B.S.

Sorry I can't be more positive tonight - I'll be back to a better mood tomorrow! 

Added a little later:  Holy crap, where is the warm weather?  Every place I look up is as cold (or colder) than Sacramento.  Wonder what it is like in Mexico.


  1. Oh for heavens sake. First they tell you one thing and then another. What is going on with your medical people out there. You need someone inside the system to run interference for you. I am so sorry. I can see why you are getting to the point where you are fed up with it.

  2. It is chilly here in Phoenix as well. I was laughing at myself when I was in a long sleeved knit top, fleece and a down jacket for the 'cold' and the temp showing on the Jeep dashboard was 56 degrees.

  3. Who knows, this may be THE winter to remember. I can remember a few of those. When I was a kid we got 52 inches of snow around Thanksgiving time in Pennsylvania. Couldn't get out of the house.

  4. I'm with Sherry... good grief! anyone talk to each other at your medical places?

    do what you want and go have some fun . if you die doing what you love? what a deal ... that would be my choice... I just wish I had a passion such as yours.

    Hate to see you hike alone though, Gypsy ... you aren't 56 any longer.

    I know I've said this before and I'm sure you answered but ... there has GOT to be a hiking crowd in your area... of seniors.

    Have you checked with these guys?

    It takes you to this page... I'm sure you know of these people but just in case!


  5. I remember walking the streets of Pollock Pines with rocks in my backpack - getting ready for back country camping. It was a good idea. I hope you aren't planning to do back country stuff alone, though. Even super healthy it wouldn't be a good idea. You need to have a buddy in case something goes wrong.

  6. I wish you were here with us, it's 82 today. It's beautiful and we're under a high pressure system that will keep us in those temps.

    I hope you get out and about soon.