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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Joe's graduation

The day finally came and Joe is a Respiratory Therapist.  His graduation last night was a joyful occasion for all of us.

Tired of carrying around my big Fuji camera, which I have learned to like after getting used to how it works, I bought myself a cheap little Canon Powershot A1400 with an optical viewfinder.  The pictures I took last night are from the Canon, and I really have a lot to figure out about it - not satisfied with the pictures at all.  Of course there is no printed matter that came with it.

This is my granddaughter, Ara, sporting her new sophisticated haircut.  I love it!

This one is of Steve

And here is my Joey

Nieces Katy and Stephanie:  Katy is here from NY for Christmas.

No occasion is complete without one of Donald's cakes.  I'm sorry I couldn't get a really good shot at it - the top part is a figure in scrubs, the RT, and below that is a pair of "lungs" - all of it cake.  

A couple more shots of Joe:

We went back to their house after the graduation which soon got pretty packed with friends and family.  My brother and his wife, and two of their sons came up from Livermore, and it was certainly good to see them again.

Unfortunately I'm not at the top of my game and didn't get any pictures of my d-i-l Sarah, who made innumerable sacrifices so that Joe could accomplish what he did.  Jeannie and Donald were there, as well as Steve's wife Megan, my sister Amy, and of course, all the little kids.  

I came home before the cake was cut but Donald promised to save me some.  Next up is that Joe has to take the state board exam, and the job interviews.  

I'm debating whether or not to go for one last strenuous workout at the gym.  I think I might do it, and then crash for the rest of the day.  I wish I had an appetite because tomorrow I'll be drinking only black coffee, water, and juice.

A word about spam:  I have been inundated with spam comments, all supposedly for one particular blog entry I made back at the end of September.  Now I just got a spam comment for a recent blog, and I wonder if there will be more to follow.  I tried to see if I could just delete the offending blog entry but there doesn't seem to be an option to do that.  I guess I just put up with it, and I wish I understood the motivation for people to send the spam to begin with.  Do they really think I will click on their link?   Spam, breach of credit card info at Target, mail fraud, etc.  Where does it end, or does it end at all.   It looks like it will continue to be a problem.  I have decided to get cash from the credit union ATM and not use my debit or credit cards unless it is a place I trust.  


  1. Congratulations Joe. That is really a wonderful accomplishment. Jim is going to be seeing one of those types of people in February. They really do a great service. Thank him for me. I'll sure be happy for you when your surgery is over on Monday. I'll be thinking about you. I just know you are going to feel so much better.

  2. What a momentous occasion, and it's so nice that all those family members attended! I like the photos from your new camera - really good. Congratulations to Joe - he must be feeling so good this morning! You have such a beautiful family and I love the short haircut on Ara - it suits her perfectly. And of course, kudos to Donald on that cake - he can do anything with batter! Quite a talented family. You have a lot to be thankful for and proud of, Gypsy. :)

  3. Glad you are having a good time with family and congratulations to Joe for his accomplishment. I wish him the best of luck. Wish I could taste some of that cake, it would sure hit the spot!!
    For you I wish a speedy recovery from your operation. Hope your hospital bed is not too hard ;-)

  4. Probably the owners manual is on line for your new camera... I would have trusted Target as it is a big merchandiser and probably has above average security on their computer system... But, it just goes to show that anything is hackable... Turn off your anonymous posts and the spam will go away...at least mine did... Rod

  5. That is wonderful for Joe and Sarah! Good luck tomorrow.

  6. The camera instructions including all updates are downloaded from the Canon website. That way there are no out of date and incorrect instructions.

  7. Congrats Joe! what a wonderful feeling he must have to have accomplished this part of his life. love Ara's hair cut. Great family get together to celebrate Joe's big day.

    Pictures are fine. Canon is a great camera

  8. Congrats Joe! what a wonderful feeling he must have to have accomplished this part of his life. love Ara's hair cut. Great family get together to celebrate Joe's big day.

    Pictures are fine. Canon is a great camera

  9. Thought your photos turned out just fine. Congrats to your Son & it's an honorable profession he chose. People helping people. I turned off 'anonymous comments' a long time ago & solved the problem right off. All that fraudulent credit card stuff will not get better. The balance has tipped too far now & that problem driven by greed will only get worse as the stakes get higher. It's the reality of our times....