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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A resting-up day

I certainly don't have the stamina I once had.  Just a little bit of shopping yesterday and I need a day of rest.

I actually am amazed at how confident and hopeful I am in what the future holds for me, although at the same time I feel as if I'm dropping down a deep, dark hole.  Everything about those feelings is contradictory, but that's the reality of it, and as long as I'm feeling positive it really doesn't matter.

I thought I might be making a big mistake last night when I found and watched a video of laparascopic gallbladder surgery.  Twice I told myself to turn it off, but I watched the whole thing through.  I'm sure I can be so unconcerned because I know that when I get the anesthetic I won't even find myself dreaming - next thing I know I'll wake up and it will be all over with, so I don't really care how they go about it. 

It is really windy today with about 20mph winds.  Together with temps in the 60's makes for a chilly day, but at least it has been sunny.

I'm looking forward to the graduation tomorrow and the party afterwards at Joe & Sarah's house.  I bought myself a 6 pack of Clausthaler's non-alcoholic beer to take, even though I could drink regular beer if I choose to.  Might as well not though.

Something to look forward to is the fact that Saturday will be the shortest day of the year, and from then on the days will lengthen.  That means spring and summer can't be too far off!  


  1. I am soooo looking forward to longer days. Funny thing is, the last couple of weeks I'm staying up later and later. You'd think I'd be in bed earlier since it dark so early.

    I'm like you - good or bad, I want to know what's happening. I can deal with it, but I want to know. And then when it's over, all I have to do is recover. I'll bet you'll be glad when all this is over. :)

  2. I would no watch such stuff. But you have a clear attitude about it so good for you. And then let the healing begin.

    Dec. 21 was the day my youngest daughter was born believe me it sure didn't feel like the shortest day to me. LOL But she is a sweet heart of a child.
    I too am ready for the longer days.

  3. Maybe for a different reason, but just a little bit of shopping wears me completely out:)

  4. I love the 4 corners of the year and am happily anticipating the Winter Solstice and the waxing of the year. Sunset at 5:30 is just too early for me. Sounds like you are all ready for the party. Have a great time

  5. When wintering in Canada I always looked forward to Spring soooo much but now that we are in the warmer south I don't think about it quite in the same way. I do like the lengthening days though & even here in Arizona I do look forward to warmer nights & days in March...

  6. Good for you Gypsy :)You just go fall asleep wake-up someone drives you home and next day you won't even feel it other then the 3 round little thingies on your side and back. The hardest thing at least for me was getting my transportation to and from...Grr why they won't just let drive our self's home???

  7. Thanks for reminding me about the winter solstice. I look forward to longer daylight.

  8. I too am tickled the days start getting longer. Gypsy, I LOVE your new cut. It was called the Mushroom when I wore mine that way. Absolutely loved it then. On the verge of losing my 20 long style soon too. Good luck with that surgery...then take an overdose and join the family for celebration. :)