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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Here is the portrait done by Ara of her mom and me (40 years ago).  Jeannie is looking pretty good in her prime, but aging sure hasn't done much for me!

I apologize for neglecting to mention in yesterday's blog that there are many solo females who live and travel in Class A motorhomes.  The one who comes to mind is Judy (the Birdlady) whose blog describes her adventures on the wildlife refuges where she gives so much time, energy and knowledge in volunteer work, as well as on the road. 

I'm tired this evening so I will just publish and then think about going to bed early.  Another weekend gone by.

Note:  Evidently blogger requires a title before it will publish a post, or is this just happening to me?  I get a warning that required spaces must not be left blank, and it wouldn't publish without a title. 


  1. yes! I couldn't figure out what was going on! nothing was out of whack. except no title... so put in a title and it was happy... isn't that something.

    awwww Ara is just beautiful. great photo ...

  2. I know that part of blogger was annoying. I started just using the date.

  3. I'm think'n that when Google hires a new employee that don't know nuttin, they assign him to blogger as a learning experience. Thinkn I'll stick with that!

  4. I don't think you changed at all. You are still young at heart!!

  5. When I look at a picture of me from 40 years ago, I can hardly believe that it is me:(

  6. What a neat idea Ara had! Wonderful picture of mother and daughter---both then, and now!