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Friday, July 12, 2013

Calling cards

When I was full-time RVing and opened my South Dakota mailing address, Terri sent me a supply of calling cards as well as some return address labels.  I've been wanting to get some that aren't so plain, so after years of avoiding Instaprint - you know the advertising, the cards are either free or cost $10 - I looked at their website.

I wanted a scene from nature and actually hoped I could find one of an open road stretching out ahead, but no luck.  I didn't really want to design my own (really I'm just not capable of designing anything) so I was left with their selection, which isn't bad.  I finally chose this impressionistic, water-color-type tree.  I blotted out my phone number, but everything else is the way it looks.

For 250 cards and 50 return address labels the cost came to just under $30.  I guess it's worth it, and now if I meet any fellow bloggers/blog readers on the road I can offer them my calling card, and hopefully they have one they can offer me.  I have a nice supply of beautiful cards I've been given along the way, and always wished I had gone for broke with a photo of my 5th wheel and truck on a card, but it's just as well I didn't.  
I'm looking all over for the little card holder I had but can't find it anywhere.  Since I rarely throw out things like that, it must be somewhere in this chaos.  I am thinking about cleaning up and rearranging my office/IMac/camping gear storage room, maybe even this afternoon, and I just might find it there.  At least maybe I will be able to access all parts of the room.

Costco was first on the list this morning to get some prescriptions that are now filled in 3 month supply.  Much easier than having to always be running in for refills, and I don't want to have to keep transferring the Rx while I'm traveling.  I bought myself some new underwear while I was there - you know what your mother always told you - always wear clean underwear when you go out.  I decided I'd better pay attention to Mama just in case I need one of those emergency room apps when I'm away from home.  Oh wait, my jitterbug phone doesn't use apps (and if it does and someone knows that, please don't tell me!).  And for the record, I bought bikini type garments, just for the fun of it and imagining the look on the faces of the ER personnel!

I had chicken for my dinner last night and thought I would have problems with acid reflux during the night.  I had some of the chicken on a sandwich for lunch today, so I'll see if it's just chicken I can no longer tolerate or just a fluke.  Chicken doesn't taste as good to me any more, although I still enjoy a hamburger now and then.  I'll stick to mostly fish, but worry about my diet while traveling.  

I think I will travel only about 275 miles of interstate, and that's out of 4500 miles (one way).  I may decide to alter the route slightly but it won't make that much difference in traveling interstates.  I'm excited about seeing so much of hometown American (and possibly Canada) this trip.  

I will be going to a BBQ at Jeannie's tomorrow so I will get to see the Flat Stanleys and whatever the girls have decided to name the female dolls.  I gave them each a lot of blank outlines that I printed out and asked them to color.  It should be interesting to see what they come up with.  Two other granddaughters and a grandson will be there as well, so maybe I should go armed with additional Stanleys!

I'm also taking some little things I picked up at the Back to School sales.  They have those ruled spiral bound notebooks for only $.17, so you can imagine I bought a bunch.  I'm like a kid in a candy store at the back to school sales!  Then to avoid fights among sisters I have printed out their names on my labeling machine and affixed them to the notebooks!  I probably missed my calling to be an elementary school teacher, but it's a good thing because I don't have enough patience.

I'd better quit now and let you go read some other blogs with more to say than I can come up with.


  1. The cards are lovely. Nice pick! And such a good idea. [Tucking it way for future reference, thanks!]

    I don't know if Costco does this too, but our Pharmacy [Rite Aid] allows us to pick up our prescriptions at any Rite Aid in the US [they are an east coast thing] no matter which location it was phoned into. That helped when we moved two hours away. 90 day supplies are the best way to go, but check just in case?

    Oh and don't get me started on new school supplies. I start salivating at the smell of new paper. I swear I am like Pavlov's dog when you hold an unsharpened pencil under my nose. giggle. And 17 cents? May have to go stock up. I use those for everything!

    Oh, yeah, and I still have one kid in high school. Better buy her some stuff too. hee


  2. Bikini style garments....that bout busted my gut. No, I ain't gonna develop no picture of you in them things.

    I sure do like that Flat Stanley idea. Might gonna have to make one of my own. Sneek him in a few photos.

  3. I like your cards. Enjoy so much reading what you're up to every day! I'm about to embark on a 1300 mile (one way) trip to MN. That seems like a long trip! Can't imagine contemplating one that's 4500 miles. Hope we get to go along with you as you go.

  4. I love the cards. We have cards from vista print too.

    We hope to see you at this end of the country. We'll be in NY about the time you get here, hopefully close enough to see you again.

  5. Never did like those bikini type undies. I'm a full brief girl! ;)

  6. hahaa... another laugh ... that's two blogs in a row that made me laugh out loud... hahaa

    My Mother and her sister ... two very uptight church ladies ... didn't look at the picture very well and instead of buying their usual granny cotton panties ... got the French cut ones.

    of all the giggling ... I liked thinking about that ... she didn't giggle very much...

    like your cards! great idea and oh your g'kiddos getting all involved ... how cool is that.

  7. I like your cards too. I designed my own and printed them out but they are pretty plain. Hope we can meet up at some point and exchange cards. Will you be in New England at all?

    I also love school supplies. But then I loved school and loved teaching school until they killed all the creativity in it with the teaching to the tests.
    Can't wait to see your flat grandchildren. HA!

  8. We have made our own cards, but we always seem not to have them with us when we need them:(

  9. Nice looking cards. I made my own but since then the phone has changed the e-mail has changed and I am to lazy to make more. And like someone else mentioned never had them with me anyway. but they are really good to have so we can keep in touch with the people we really enjoyed meeting.

    And the underwear thing yes just in case we got hit by a car we better always have clean and no holes underwear.

  10. Nice calling cards - you made a great choice in the design. :-)

  11. I love your cards! The tree is just beautiful. You're going to enjoy giving them out when you meet new RVers.

    Sounds like you're nearly ready? :)