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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My eyes are ok

I saw Dr. G this morning to find out if the irritation I had in one eye could have been related to the jaundice.  He said my eyes were fine and gave me a couple of samples of eyedrops, one will require a prescription if I need it filled, and the other is more of the soothing kind you can buy off the shelf.

I stopped by REI on the way home as I had ordered a book from their online store - The Best of Tent Camping in New York State.  It was supposed to be delivered to the store on Friday and I hoped it might be early.  They checked and it is due in tomorrow, so I'll have to make another trip.  I don't mind going to REI but I always find something to buy.  This morning I got a new compass and the latest issue of Backpacker Magazine.

Then to Bev Mo for non-alcoholic beer.  While I was waiting for someone to help me get a case off the shelf, I looked through the fine bourbons.  A while back my son Steve asked me if we were related to the owners of Willett Distillery in Bardstown.  It turned out he had tasted one of their bourbons and wanted to buy it, but would pay the price only if we were related.  I checked with my brother who is further into genealogy than I am, and indeed we are related to the distillers.  I tasted some of Steve's stash and thought I would die!  At first it takes your breath away, then the fire hits your throat but in an instant you have such a warm glow and the feeling of all's right with the world.  I have seen it at Bev Mo but the larger bottle costs close to $80 but I noticed today they had a smaller one, so I got it.  At the checkout I wondered at the irony of buying a case of non-alcoholic beer and a bottle of fine bourbon!  It should last me a long time because a few drops is about all I want every now and then.

I think I will love my new compass.  It is made right in our own state of Wyoming and looks very easy to use.

I want to get back into backpacking so bad I can taste it!  But the cost of the gear I'd need is holding me back; Steve has my backpacking tent and Joe has the sleeping bag, but I'd need a thermarest mattress, as well as a pack and possibly new boots.  Those items plus the stove, titanium cook pot, and all the little stuff, would set me back a few dollars - maybe next year.  I could drive to Maine and hike south on the Appalachian Trail!  

To this end (and also for my general health) I'm walking 5 or 6 evenings a week and last night got up to almost a mile and a half!!!  Well on my way to long distance backpacking. 


  1. I'll make you a diamond willow walking stick for your back packing dreams if you'd like. :) You could pick it up as you're heading for NY next month...

  2. Back when I used to drink, my drink of choice was bourbon.

  3. Wonderful picture of you!! Keep on with the walking. And just imagine, a walking stick from Judy! Can't beat that!

  4. I'm really impressed with all the walking you're doing. Wish I'd get off my butt and do more. Good news about the eye but hopefully the drops help.

  5. About hiking boots: nowadays the footwear of choice is trailrunners, basically a cross between tennis shoes and light hiking shoes. You could try a pair and if you don't end up hiking in them they would still make good walking shoes. The difference between them (I think) is the sole, with trailrunners having a more study sole. But, ask about it at REI. :)

  6. I wish I was related to someone who owned a Bourbon distillery:)

  7. glad your eyes are okay. you described the partaking of the bourbon beautifully,,, almost makes me want a drink. wonder where I'd end up if I did. ha

  8. My fussy, fussy, fussy DH (he still has and wears his 40-year old hiking boots!) has recently relented and bought a pair of Merrell Moab Ventilator hiking boots. They come in high top, and slight lower tops. He says there was no break-in period, and he is in total love with them.

    Also, I have some of the equipment you might be able to use, mostly unused, that I could send to you.

    Send me a PM and we'll see if there is a match for you. It will be good to put it to good use, and you are welcomed to it.

    Virtual hugs,


  9. so glad to hear about your eyes and all the "ask and ye shall receive" offers from your readers. Keep on with that walking and you'll be hiking south on the AT before you know it. I don't know about Vermont though. It's tough.