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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One good thing happened at least!

I got a response to a letter I wrote to Verizon about their charging me $30 for the bandwidth I exceeded on my MiFi last month.  I explained that for some reason I couldn't track my usage on the MiFi device itself or on my Verizon page.  This went on the whole month and I ended up being over the 5GB limit.  They are crediting my account for the $30, so I'm pretty happy about that.  I had to write them a "real" letter and send it in an envelope with stamp by the way - the only customer contact is either by phone or mail it seems, and the phone contact didn't help me at all.  Verizon's customer service has been in the basement lately (for me, anyway), so I was happy to get this kind of response to my complaint.  In the letter I wrote I asked them outright to credit my account for the $30.

Got some black posterboard today, a couple of thick sheets of foam board, and one regular flexible posterboard so I can decide whether to make coverings for the windows of the Highlander.  I'm not planning to stealth camp anywhere if I can possibly avoid it, so I'm not too sure I even care about the windows being covered.  I'd be snuggled down into my sleeping bag anyway.

I guess I'm a wimp but I really think I need to be able to stand up, at least nearly straight up.  My knees have always been good, but I notice this last year that if I'm down it's really difficult to get back up - the knees just don't want to work.  So sleeping in a car or even a van wouldn't be easy for me, but I could do it in a pinch - rain, high wind, etc.  But I will see what I can do with the posterboard at any rate.  I couldn't find velcro tape, so I'll have to try another store or two.

I have the nicest breeze blowing through my house today, but tomorrow starts the upward trend and I hate the thought of the heat coming back.  Knowing I wouldn't feel like it tomorrow I opened and spread two bags of stones over the plastic edge in the back yard, but got tired after two of them and left the third.  It looks ridiculous because it's a different color than the old gravel, but I guess it will look better once it's exposed to the sun for a while.  What I really need is a truckload of gravel, but I don't think it's worth the work involved in spreading it.  The 1.5 cu. feet bags are about all I can handle.  Yard maintenance has never been something I like to do.  

I don't care much for the new profile picture on this blog, but it probably looks more like I do now than the one it replaced.  I will try to get a regular photo of me straight on and just crop it - this one was taken by the Mac and at a weird angle.  I have searched until I just can't do it anymore to find out how to change the small picture that appears when I make a comment on someone else's blog, and it may also show up on my gmail correspondence.  That pic was taken back in 2008 or 9 and my appearance has totally changed since then.  If anyone knows how to change that picture please let me know.  

I also finally found my way to my Picasa photos that have appeared on my blog.  The only problem is that some of them have never appeared on my blog, but are in my iPhoto library which has nothing to do with Picasa.  How does Picasa obtain photos that are stored on my computer and have never been on my blog or had anything to do with Google?  By the way, I NEVER use Picasa for anything so it is unlikely that I used it on any photos I've taken.



  1. Picassa and Google have combined to make Google Plus or something like that :)


  2. You're only now experiencing difficulty in getting up from a down position? Consider yourself lucky woman! :)

  3. Now.... there's a picture... love it

    I got down on the floor with Charlie today and rolled back up with the help of a chair ... HAHaaa sigh

  4. Go to your dashboard and click on your name in the upper left corner. Then click on profile. Click on edit and scroll down just a little and that's where you can change the picture. I learned how to do it from Rod because I couldn't figure it out either.

    I try not to ever get down because I'm so afraid I'll end up having to stay there.

  5. If the velcro tape is for the foam-board window covers, you may not need it. Mine just work by press-fit.

  6. Your picture is great Gypsy, I have been thinking about putting a sign on our bathroom mirror, that says. "Objects in mirror appear older than they actually are". Sam & Donna.

  7. Agreed! Great picture of you!!! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  8. I really like this profile picture. Hope that you have a great trip.
    It will still be a while before I can go anywhere.