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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family weekend

Just a short post today.  My sister, Julie, came from the Bay Area with a friend yesterday, and Steve, Joe, their kids, and I went to a BBQ at Jeannie's house.  I haven't ever seen so much delicious food!  I went back today and snapped this picture of Julie, Paul, and Jeannie & family.  Both days most everyone was in the pool as it's been so hot.  I think I was outdoors in the heat too long yesterday and haven't really felt right since, although sleeping 11 hours last night helped.

I took a number of pictures by the pool yesterday but for some reason they all came out looking like stormy waves in the water.  Maybe it's a reflection from the sun making it look choppy?  Maybe someone can tell me.


Today I got the results of the blood test earlier this week, and it looks like everything is normal.  My total cholesterol went down as was to be expected from the low dose of Lipitor, but personally I'm not crazy about it being at 102 as I'm sure it could go down below 100.  Having cholesterol that is too low isn't all that healthy either, but I guess I'm stuck taking the Lipitor for a while at least.  So far the only negative I've experienced is worsening of and a different type of leg & foot cramps at night.

I missed a night of walking yesterday so I'm going to get back to it this evening.  I need to figure out where I can go to walk that is a change of scenery at least once in a while.  Could do the gym-treadmill thing, but I can't think of anything more boring, at least to me personally.


  1. I will ask Pooldad when he gets home, but I suspect it is the coloring in the liner that is causing the reflection in the pic'. The coping is a lighter color then the bottom of the pool and is done for effect. [I think I may have been a Pool wife for a bit too long. But I AM paying attention. hee]

    I love the pic of your family. So sweet. I wish July would get here so we could go to the pool, but so far rain, rain, rain. I have barely used the air conditioner. That's good I suppose. But we're bored. Sort of.

    Pooldad takes Cozaar [generic for Lipitor] and I am happy for it, but would be worried if his Cholesterol dropped to low. My blood is tested so often I am pretty sure mine is okay 'cause otherwise I would be given [yet] another pill to take. No one is said anything. So. . .

    Glad you got 11 hours of sleep. That is wonderful and I bet completely refreshing. I think you needed it and it makes me happy to know you rested.

    Take care and stay out of the heat. Stay coooooool. xo JG

  2. Glad your blood test came back normal. Now, just enjoy life, you hear? BTW, you have a wonderful family and they all seem to be happy.

  3. Such a nice family, Gypsy... 11 hours of sleep ~ good stuff. I usually do 6 with little here and there naps

    Glad your test came back normal ~