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Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a few thoughts tonight

Traveling and camping items are spread all over my living room and kitchen and I wonder if it will all come together by next weekend.  Add to that all the little things I need to do this week and calls to make, I worry I'll be rushing at the last minute.

I finished off some ice cream tonight so I just have 5 Klondike bars left, and they will be gone in 5 more days!  Still don't know what I will do about dinners for the trip as I don't want to cook, but I need to eat in order to maintain my weight.     

I'm making trays of ice cubes as fast as they can freeze, so I will have at least the first day or so covered.  It looks like I'll have to take my big cooler and I don't mind because it has a valve to let out the ice melt and will hold much more than the smaller plastic cooler.  I think I will just keep my Brita pitcher in it as well as I hate to buy bottled water for the entire trip.  I might get a 6 pack or so, but will just fill a water bottle or two from the pitcher most of the time.

I really like my camp stove - a one burner butane stove.  It is so easy to attach the butane cannister and there is an electronic ignition so no matches or lighter are necessary.  It brings water to a boiling point very quickly, is lightweight, and takes less room than the 2 burner propane stove.

We stopped at the Dagoba chocolate factory in Ashland, OR and I bought 3 large bars of chocolate, one of which I'm enjoying right now.  They have a huge selection and provide samples of each.  Jeannie was insistent we stop at the factory on our way to the Coast, and I'm sure glad she was.

I hope I can get more accomplished tomorrow than I did today, although I suppose I didn't do too bad today, and I even managed a quick walk this evening.

Lastly, I want to amend something from yesterday's blog.  I mentioned meeting a woman in Weaverville who was the wife of the pizza restaurant owner.  For all I know they own the restaurant together, and for me to assume he is the sole owner isn't right.  So I am correcting that assumption. 



  1. 'morning, Gypsy... fun putting it all together though ... hahaa I didn't know you were a Klondike bar freak too... I got to have 'em. mine are sugar free though but still excellent.

    Have you checked into the pasta dinners and well, there are several different packaged dinners you just add hot/boiling water to.

    Some are more healthy than others but they pack well and are easy peasy to fix ~ even for me.

    Of course, as you know, I preferred and enjoyed eating at little cafes and diners but there were those times when I enjoyed having stuff at a campground. My electric teakettle did lots of stuff.

    Jeannie's insistence is my kind of insistence... hahaa

    Sure am looking forward to reading your journey!

  2. Getting everything ready way before departure time is a good thing. Last minute packers usually forget something, althoug no matter when I pack, I alsways forget something.

  3. Sounds like you are pretty organized. We have a couple squares of dark chocolate every day:)

  4. We always brought gallon jugs of water rather than individual bottles and used our Brita for water. We kept one gallon in the ice chest and the others on the floor in the back seat. If you want good easy quick food get some of that dehydrated stuff back packers use. Or anything in the grocery that you only need to add hot water to. There are lots of things. I'm a pretty lazy cook when traveling or camping. I'm sure getting excited for you.

  5. The larger mass of half-gallon, or even quart, bottles will hold the cold longer than cubes. You can start out with a good supply of frozen bottles, and then not have to buy ice for several days. If you freeze drinking water, you can drink it as it melts and then toss the container. Please be sure you have some sort of rack in the cooler to keep your food out of the ice melt.

  6. Have fun -- I love pouring over maps & such.

  7. Are those little butane stoves like the ones they carry on the Appalachian Trail? The planning of a trip is 1/2 the fun isn't it? And you can look at those maps and enjoy it all you want.