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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday evening - we left Sunday just before Noon for Burney Falls, CA, and had a cabin reserved at the State Park there.  The cabin was very nice and just perfect for us, although the sites were close together with no or little privacy between them.  No matter, we were out to enjoy the week.

The above picture is of Grandma and Arianna.  My daughter absolutely hated to wear a dress when she was young, and her daughter hikes in a dress and pearls!  The pearls have been worn every day since we left home, and I love it.
After settling in we hiked to the Falls, which are just gorgeous.  Not content to just see them from below, we hiked up a steep trail to one that went over the Falls.  In all I supposed we hiked 2 strenuous (to me) miles, but the 4 and 6 yr old did as well as I did, if not better.  The next day they went back for more so the kids could get the information required for a special merit badge.  At that point I just stayed back at the cabin, reveling in the peace and quiet, and chilled out.

We also took the kids to Britton Lake, about 2 miles from our cabin, but I didn't get in the water - just sat in peace in the shade.  Sounds like I'm getting old!

Here are a couple of pictures taken just before we left the cabin - Flat Haley and Flat Sierra (named by my granddaughters) on the cabin front porch.


This morning (Tuesday) we finally got on the road and drove approximately 125+ miles to Ashland, Oregon.  We are staying at an Inn about 30 miles outside Ashland - a beautiful drive on a curvy bumpy road that made Autumn very car sick!  Finally arrived at the Inn and had a great dinner.  Jeanne, Donald and Autumn then left to drive in to Ashland to the Shakespearean Theater and a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream.  I think it is a modernized version with the characters more from life today than back in the Bard's time, and I hope they get a lot from the performance.  The minimum age for attending in 5 yrs old and Arianna falls one year short, so I opted to stay here at the Inn with her.  We went out to the little playground for a while and are now back in the room - me on my computer and Arianna on her Leap Pad!


Traveling with family is entirely different than traveling on one's own - they do things entirely different than I do, but the company makes it all worth while.  I just made up my mind to enjoy it, even leaving 2 or 3 hours later than we plan, and spending more time on kid friendly activities than I might on my own.  I will have a 4500 mile trip in August to do everything my own  way so I'm going to get every bit of happiness out of this week that I can.


  1. yay! those Falls! what a gorgeous place, Gypsy... and little Arianna!? how adorable is she ~ pearls and a dress hiking ... my my my

    oh and yes... enjoy this beautiful family ~ you'll have plenty of time for aloneness...

    what fun

  2. Burney Falls is a beautiful area. We walked down the icy stairs taking great care not to slip. No-one wants to break a leg at any time let alone on holiday. I was fascinated by the frozen waterfall and the way it spouted out of the rock as well as tumbling from the top.

    How lovely to have this trip with family even if it is sometimes a challenge.


  3. What a blessing! Loved, loved the pearls...continued enjoyment!

  4. Arianna is a girl after my own heart. I'd hike in a dress if I could. Love the pearls. Sure hope she keeps her independent spirit once she has been in school. It's true that with young ones things tend to cater to their needs and wants but it looks like you are having a fine time! Caryy on!!

  5. I'm so jealous that you have granddaughters to spend time with. Please enjoy it for me. Sounds like all the walking you've been doing has helped get you ready for some serious hiking. Those waterfalls are magnificent.

  6. Oh what beauty and I am sure glad you had such a wonderful time with your family (even though you didn't get to do everything your way - grin)

  7. Sounds like you are having fun even if it isn't exactly what you would have done if you were alone. Think of this as "training " for your longer trip.

  8. Now that's a NICE vacation. What a lovely family you have.

    This is something they will remember forever. YAY for G'ma!

  9. Sounds wonderful so far. I LOVE the dress and pearls on a hiking path. You've gotta love a kid with her own sense of style, and also parents who let her.

    I've actually been at Burney Falls - on my first fishing trip way back when. I remember it fondly, and had a great time there.

    Have fun! :)

  10. Looks like a great time! Those are very nice pictures of the falls.

  11. Sounds like fun, it is very different to travel with children but seems like a good trip.

  12. Just think of the memories you are making with your granddaughters. They will last a lifetime.
    Glad your having a fun time. Becki

  13. Burney Falls is on my list of things to see; hopefully soon! Thanks for bringing them to me so gloriously!

    Love the dress and pearls! So cute!!