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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ready to mail

The maps and book are ready to be mailed to my grandsons.  I numbered each individual map in the order I will be traveling, and even highlighted my first day's route.  I hand printed a note to them about it, and anyone who doesn't normally print in lower case letters should try it some time.  Tedious!  Now it's all ready to go to the post office in a week or so.  I don't want to mail it too soon before I leave - I'm a bit superstitious when it comes down to it.

I just received a phone call that began, "The FBI has reported. . .", and I thought Oh shit what have I done and how did they find out!  It turned out to be an advertising scheme for home protection devices (they didn't mention a Smith & Wesson :~).  I think the message was to the effect that the FBI reports that a home is broken into every 15 minutes, or something like that.  A home alarm system is the last thing in the world I would want.  Two of my kids have them in their homes and it is a real pain in the neck when I'm staying there and maybe want to open the bedroom window, or when I would take the dog out early in the morning.  I would be triggering the alarm  myself all the time, or more likely, I would never set the thing to begin with.  At least the FBI isn't looking for me and I don't call any suspicious characters that would turn up on the records they collect.

I've been thinking a lot and planning the next few months, which is way more tiring work than actually doing anything!  I also had an enlightenment this morning - when I am working furiously on a project, as with the maps & trip plans, the day seems to stretch out more.  When I just sit on my rear most of the day it goes from morning to bedtime and from weekend to weekend in a flash.  You'd think it would be the other way around but it isn't.  That means I need some projects to work on, but they have to have real goals and an end result I can see and enjoy.  

Washing the dishes doesn't count as a project, although it will become one soon if I don't get busy.  I made a stupid mistake a couple of nights ago, one that I have made over and over and you'd think I'd learn but I don't.  I put a big knife into the soapy dishwater where it was waiting to cut my finger.  Hurt so damn bad and for so long I've just let dishes stack up for a day or two.

I'm thinking about going back to Lowe's and trying again to get a few bags of rocks.  I should have stopped yesterday morning after leaving the lab as Lowe's is in the same shopping area, but I had fasted for the blood draw and was hungry and needed some coffee.  I'm not excited about getting the rocks in the first place because then I'll just have to deal with them and it's too hot to fool around outside.

So far the weather today is really pleasant - only 81 by 1:30 pm, although it's going up to 92 or higher.  I think I'll have a nap before it gets too warm.


  1. Maybe you need a sign like I posted in our kitchen for my wife. It reads, "Warning, keep fingers from under knive blade while cutting". Maybe you need one for knives in soapy water??

  2. I just hate telephone solicitors so much that I hang up on them without even hearing what they want. If I want their product I'll call them. So sorry about the knife. I have a real fear of that and always wash the knife last. guess that's why I have never cut myself.

  3. Kind of a sinking feeling if you hear FBI on the phone. Not sure which is worse - FBI or IRS. I have an easy solution - I don't have any sharp knives. LOL

  4. What a day! and I'm sure you know this by now but no matter what type of knife I've used ... I wash it immediately.

    I use one of those sponge on a handle that holds soap type things. Being just me, I clean as I go.

    I have done exactly what you did. hurt like hell.

    FBI ... they also did that with the Sheriff's dept .. selling light freakin bulbs! oughta be a law

  5. If you continue to have difficulty with knives in opaque water, reserve a quart jar, or similar tall container, for knives. Just put some soapy water in it at the start of your prep work, and then when it is time to wash, they are not only safe, but clean! Just rinse, dry and put them away. Actually you can put other long-handled utensils in that jar, too. Makes clean up a breeze.

  6. We get those calls every day! From the alarm system people. Also the ones about falls....