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Monday, July 1, 2013

I appreciate the comments and suggestions

I am trying to consider all angles, and appreciate the input I'm receiving.  This morning I woke up and said, "No, no, no!  You are too old to be so uncomfortable when you bought a big tent so's you'd be comfortable."  As Billy Bob so aptly put it, "You ain't no spring chick-a-baby no more ya know."

I don't think I would have much trouble making the cargo space usable for occasional overnight stops.  One thing that worries me is that I get up every couple of hours during the night for you-know-what.  How aggravating would  that be when I have to maneuver myself out of the back of my Highlander, and then run into an elk or a bear in the woods.

I continue to welcome the suggestions and won't make up my mind just yet.  

Anything I was going to get done today was done by 10:30 this morning.  The desktop thermometer says 97 (at 2:30), and the thermostat on the wall behind my chair says 92.  That doesn't sound right at all, and it looks like there is no hope for relief for at least two weeks.

Out of sheer boredom I went back to lifting small weights this morning.  It is so monotonous, sort of like walking all by yourself.  I really should begin walking again in the cooler hours of the morning because I'm sitting way too much of the time and that can't be good for a person.

I walked to the office this morning to drop off the rent check, and passed by a house that's been sold recently.  The owner has periodically set items out with a "Free" sign on them, and the last couple of days there has been a very nice looking recliner - in much better condition than the ratty old thing left here by the former owner of my house.  I would try to get it into the back of my Highlander but I'm sure I don't have the strength to maneuver it in, and then again to take it out and carry it around to my front door and up the steps.  I need a nap just thinking about all that hassle!  As soon as I ask one of my kids to come over and help me, someone else will have picked up the chair.   

A month or so ago I got 4 nice leather and chrome dinette chairs from the same guy.  I had one helluva time getting them home - they were really hard to position in the Highlander and I couldn't close the hatch, so I just did one in the vehicle and carried the other 3 home, one at a time.  They are heavy especially when you have to carry them even the length of a city block.  How I miss my truck at times!

It wouldn't take much right now to make me think about giving up my computer.  Nothing is working right except Gmail, and I've sure had trouble with it in the past.  I have to close out AOL sometimes and restart it to be able to do anything, Blogger isn't consistent with the size of type, and either a lot of folks aren't blogging right now or I'm missing them in the blogroll on my page.  I guess it shouldn't be surprising that there are technology glitches when the weather is so extreme lately.  I haven't noticed any brown-outs yet, but I require electricity for my computer components and maybe the grid is just being overloaded.  Nah, probably not, but it sounds as good to me as any other reason.


  1. A tent would give you more room but it would also involve putting it up and taking it down every day. I suppose it is a personal choice you will have to make.

  2. I ain't gonna just come out an' say you're mak'n a big deal bout sleep'n in the back of the car, but really you are. Well, I guess if'n ya ain't gonna take the tent with ya.....well, you know what I'm talk'n bout....it's a big deal.
    I was assum'n you was gonna sleep in the tent. And only climb in the highlander if'n it rained. Am I miss'n something here?

  3. I'm so dad gum easy to confuse.....

  4. Ok, just one more comment. If'n you are #2 on the "outstanding neighbors" list....or something like that, couldn't you stop by the office an' request some help get'n that recliner delivered and installed? You a skinny old lady what can't be tot'n no recliner on your back for a city block....get help. Sheesh mamma!!!

  5. I would rather have a porta potty than an ice chest, Gypsy ...if you only have room for one such thing..

    ... so much trouble keeping an ice chest happy... draining it then buying and adding more ice and so forth.

    I had a foldable little round ice chest for juice but it got to be just too much todoing... all that draining and buying ... I'd rather stop and get something to drink than toting stuff.

    Also did I mention black sheets for your quick and easy privacy curtains? works great. I used pins... didn't hurt Homer's upholstery.

    velcro won't work with sheets though ... I ended up with a fuzzy kind of material ... I cut mine to match the windows... stuck the velcro around the window and zot.. took seconds to give me privacy.

    the material is in the auto part I think of a WM or some such place... just as long as it has the kind of fuzziness that will adhere to the velcro part that you adhere stuff too...

    speaking more technically... use only the ribbed ~ not the fuzzy side side of the velcro stuff around the window... because it will pull off and fall down when you least want it to…

    I got the industrial strength velcro and the fuzzy side I used to buffer stuff with ... like a sharp this or that...

    climb into the back to sleep... I pushed the driver's seat all the way back and the thing in the middle folds down... cup holder thing? then just hunched over a bit and went on back.

    That way you just pull in and plop in the back, tell yourself a little story and go to sleep. I used a little booklight for puzzles or reading.

    When you potty? if you set the porta potty down ... mine is the hassock kind which I also used as a seat... it isn't higher than your normal seat that you, hopefully, will take out ... so you sit on it as you would any seat. but you're pottying... well, peeing... never did like to potty in the thing.. not good to tote yer potty... ew BUT I have in an emergency.

    I know I've said this but I'll say it again... I used the odor guard type trash bags to line the porta potty bucket thing ... then when I stopped at a rest stop or wherever ... I pulled the drawstring and put the bag in the trash bin. better than diapers! AND if I were in a park kind of place ... I emptied it over flowers or a bush ... I've fertilized a lot of pretty flowers all over this country. I'm not braggin .. just sayin ...

    keep it simple, you're only going to be traveling a month so just easy peasy it ... tote a nice outfit or two for NY and wear the same stuff for days getting there with lots of t-shirts ~ I know you like them. if you start to stink? bathe yourself with the wipes and that shampoo I told you about.. underwear is about three pairs ~ wash one out, wear the other and keep a spare on hand when you forget to wash the pair you took off. OR wear panty liners.

    that No Rinse Shampoo by CleanLife is wonderful... for toothbrushing? the disposable toothbrushes work great no rinse except I always carried bottled water... and rinsed but I swallowed as opposed to having to be undaintylike and spit out the window. They come in packages of four or I bought them in a bag ~ less expensive that way.

    actually I did bathe each night with the wipes and the spray bottle of water... very refreshing and always always clean sheets.. waking up to a sunrise? and ready to roll? good stuff

    keep it simple.. and go with the flow ... mosey or don't mosey ... sleep or don't sleep ... get a room or don't...

    As you know, the gripe I had was not being able to stand up… but the alternative of a larger RV and the gas and the maintenance and the flexibility of where I could stealth it and boondock … outweighed the not being able to stand up…

    And… I'm old and fat… you're just old ...

  6. 98 here in Redmond today...geesh!!! Makes me just sit and stare...

  7. Clean undies - I need clean ones EVERY DAY. Makes everything else bearable. Even the big, cotton "Granny"-style panties (Hanes) that I wear come all rolled up in a small package that doesn't take up much space. Two packages will get you through two weeks. After use, roll them back up tightly and put them into a freezer zip lock bag until laundry day. Surely some time during that two weeks, you may very well be somewhere that it is quite easy to do laundry.

    You can do the same with tee shirts, only they take up a bit more room. I use a shoe holder for my tee shirts and washcloths, but any kind of compressor bag, even the freezer zip lock bags, will keep a large-ish supply of clothing quite manageably available.