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Friday, July 19, 2013

Call me Butterfingers today

I fixed a big bowl of my usual breakfast fruit and carried it into the living room.  I was balancing the bowl on my lap and trying to open my laptop when the bowl somehow jumped and tipped most of the fruit on the floor.  Not being one to waste, and since I keep the floor area relatively clean in this part of the room, I quickly picked it up and put it back into the bowl.  It tasted fine and I didn't waste.  Most of it went under my chair where no one walks around anyway.

I figured I might as well dust mop in every room and am glad that's done.  I'm starting to get things together for travel but have a long way to go before I'm ready.  I'll no doubt be scrambling on the last day before I leave.  

About my walking routine and to answer Phil's comment, yes I have been thinking about the trail in back of my house.  It goes all the way over to the American River and connects with the downtown-to- Folsom bike trail.  That is the same trail that goes past Cal Expo and where I walked Lady and Mandy when I stayed there in my RV for several months.

I'm pretty sure that a few homeless people live in the area behind me, although probably on the other side of the trail.  I used to meet them now and then while walking Lady, and they were mostly shy but friendly.  I have no problem with them living there - where else are they going to stay?  Maybe the likelihood of problems occurs with the larger encampments, but not here in my experience.

As for walking on it now, I might do it - I could walk down to the river and then if it is getting dark I can return along Sunrise Blvd.  I've been starting out at 8pm as it is cooling down by then, so I could make it back before total darkness even if I can manage 3 or 4 miles.  I think I walk about 4 mph.

I just received an odd email - it starts out, "We are one of the best digital images retouching/editing professionals located in China."
Are my photos that bad that they got word 
of it in China?  I think Blogger could use
some help from China in its switching of 
type size in the blog! 

This is a good place for me to stop and 
see it this publishes better than it looks


  1. WOW 4 mph is a really fast walking pace. You are good.

  2. 5 second rule applies in our house - even with dog hair. You are really doing great with the walking. Very impressive, woman.

  3. Walking is a good exercise for all ages. Keep up the good work and you will feel better.

  4. Wow Gypsy I only run a little faster than 4 mph. That's terrific. Very funny about your email. folks in china helping with your photos. RIGHT. Sure. How stupid do they think we are??