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Friday, July 26, 2013

Green Springs, OR and Gold Beach, OR

Yesterday (Wed.) we remained at the Inn about 30 miles from Ashland.  In the morning we went hiking, including a stretch on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and in the afternoon we drove in to Ashland and walked around the little town.  It is strictly touristy at least in the summer, with one little shop after another, including two actual bookstores!  To me there is nothing like walking into a bookstore, picking up one book after another and reading the jacket cover to learn what it is about.  I hope they never get run out of business by online stores and electronic books.  Every individual has their own reasons for preferring one or another, but I remain committed to actual paper books.

The thing about touristy towns is that they are all alike, probably all over the world.  The best thing is the lack of chain stores and malls that carry the same chains as every other mall.  The worst is that the merchandise, while usually unique and beautiful, is high priced, and you get the feeling everyone is out to take your money (which they are).  I liked Ashland ok and may even  go back some day, but I didn't get that "homey" feeling that I've gotten with a few small towns I've been in.

Today (Thurs) we drove to Gold Beach, OR which is an absolutely great little stretch of beach/town.  The view from our Lodge is of the Pacific and the water is separated from the lodge and cottages by a stretch of dunes/sea grass.  The kids loved playing on the sand and in the cold ocean.  Donald actually got into the water!  I sat back away from it all and watched.  I must say I think the ocean is lovely, but would rather be next to a river.  I'm also not at all crazy about the sand, but I'm glad I got to see it.  There are a great deal of activities in the surrounding area to keep adults and children busy.

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Jeannie noticed a sign in the office here that said something to the effect of "Gold Beach:  We're a drinking town with a bit of a fishing problem!"



  1. I love thinking of you hiking the PCT knowing you have done the AT.
    Ashland sounds like Bar Harbor only better with two bookshops. My favorite places in Bar Harbor are the library and the ice cream shop. :-)) I too am commited to actual hold em in your hand and read the jacket cover books. Hope they don't go fully extinct before I do.

  2. I'm playing catch up on blog reading this morning. Glad you are enjoying your trip with family.

  3. love that part of the world... Gold Beach is so pretty ~ cute little town... the Oregon coast line is gorgeous...

    I also like bookstores ~ the smells! and reading the jacket covers. Online shopping takes away the sensual pleasure of shopping... touching and smelling and sitting and absorbing ...

    yep ~ we're old ;)

  4. Love being near the ocean, but also love being near a river. We managed to get to the Willamette River this year, but not the ocean. Also got near some lakes. Crater Lake was magnificent as always, but Goose Lake, Honey Lake and White Lake were all so dry we never saw water in them. Bad period we are in for lakes!

  5. Love to hike in the mountains.
    Great photo in the Heading.

  6. Nice to be with family. Even nicer when they all want to join in on the hiking & being outdoors together!

  7. BOOKS! Precious things. Love 'em!!!

  8. What a great adventure you all are having. I know you have to be really happy that you are hiking.
    Continue to enjoy.

  9. Sounds like you are having a really nice time with your family. I know it must feel really good to get out of the house and be traveling again.
    I too love books, the feel of them and the smell all while reading them is so unique. But I assume like with many things I will be transformed into a Kindle or Table one of these days. :(

  10. I have a Kindle, but still have to have books, to have and hold and smell, nothing like the feel of a book in the hands!!